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you barely even danced with me vanessa

By Cristiana , in General , at February 16, 2022

The song ‘You barely even danced with me Vanessa’ is a hit TikTok sensation. This video was uploaded to YouTube in just a few days, and over 2.2K people have watched it. It’s a catchy tune and is an instant hit! This short video is a classic example of the power of social media, and Vanessa is making sure to capitalize on it.

The TikTok community has taken this song to the next level with a series of videos that recreate the famous scene between Vanessa and Usnavi. The video uses a blue and red filter to switch up the appearance of the actresses’ faces. This enables the actresses to mimic the dance steps that Vanessa does, while allowing viewers to see her more realistically. The videos also feature a hilarious take on Vanessa’s mustache–and it’s worth watching.

A TikTok user has made a remix of Vanessa and Usnavi’s famous dance scene, reenacting the couple’s fight on the stage. She created the emoji filter by using the blue and red colors to mimic the couple’s facial features. The lyrics of “You barely even danced with me Vanessa” are perfect for lip-sync challenges.

Creating your own version of Vanessa and Usnavi’s argument has been a popular trend on TikTok. Users have been uploading videos of themselves reenacting the scene using the blue and red filters. Whether you’re a aspiring lip-sync artist or an amateur, the new TikTok video will surely get you noticed. If you have a question, feel free to comment below!

In recent days, the “Blackout” song has taken over TikTok. The two singers’ smooth pronunciation of the word “half of” has been hailed as “addictive” by fans. Similarly, the “Blackout” challenge has also become a trend on the social media app, which allows users to lip-sync with lyrics. It has also become a trend on YouTube.

There are many ways to reenact Vanessa’s scene on the show. One popular way is to lip-sync to the song’s lyrics. In the video, she uses a blue and red filter to add a beard to her face and make her look dainty. Hence, her beard was very noticeable and was the main feature of the video. But the beard was not the only fun part of the challenge. The song was a popular choice among fans.


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