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Romance is a bonus book season 2

By Cristiana , in General , at February 20, 2022

Romance is a Bonus Book is a Korean drama that follows the life of a young mother, Kang Dan-i. After taking a long break from working, she is struggling to find a job to support her daughter’s education. When she is contacted by an old acquaintance, she decides to fake her qualifications and apply for a position at a publishing company. But she is not happy with her new position and ends up making a mistake. She gets a chance to prove her skills and prove her worth at a publishing company and is soon greeted with a large number of applications.

Though there has not been a formal announcement about the renewal of Romance is a Bonus Book, the first season aired on tvN from January 26 to March 17, 2019. The show consists of 16 episodes and was produced by Story & Pictures Media, a South Korean television series production company. The show first debuted on Netflix and quickly became popular. Since its debut, it has gained worldwide recognition. The first season was so successful, the second season may be even more exciting.

A second season of Romance is a Bonus Book has yet to be announced. Although the show has not been officially renewed, it is highly anticipated. This season will follow the story of the lead characters Kang Dan-i and Cha Eun Ho. Despite its popularity, the network has not released a release date for the second season. It is expected that it will premiere on Netflix in early 2020. Its fans are already awaiting for the new seasons.

As of this writing, Romance is a Bonus Book season 2 is not yet confirmed. The premiere date for the new season is still unknown. However, the series might return in the future. The release date for season two is predicted to be sometime in the later part of 2021 or early 2022. There’s no official word on when it will be released, but the release date for the second season is still relatively long.

The air date of the new season of Romance is A Bonus Book is yet to be confirmed, but the series’ creators have released the first season. The second season will be the same as the first, but a little earlier. It will be better than the third. It will be even better for viewers. If the first season ended well, the next one will be even better. This time, a sequel will be out in late 2021 or even later.

While there is no official information on when the second season of Romance is A Bonus Book will be released, it is not too late to start looking for a release date. The second season of the show will be out in early 2020. Currently, the air date of the second season has not been announced, but it might be announced in the future. A renewed season will be great news for fans. The first season was so popular that it was also translated into English.


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