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Why do we need intelligent turnstile gate in our life

The security turnstile gate is a kind of channel blocking equipment, which is used to manage the flow of people and regulate pedestrian access. In recent years, the pedestrian turnstile door has been developed rapidly, and it is becoming more and more intelligent. The turnstile gate industry is from scratch, from mechanization to intelligence, which is the crystallization of the industry’s people’s pursuit of advanced science and technology. If your project needs a security turnstile gate, please buy a security turnstile from Mairs.


Facing the new field of industrial development, how does the pedestrian turnstile gate industry grasp the users’ hearts and establish a good user reputation? It is very important to comply with the development needs of the market and improve the way of PBC management. Then, how can we meet the market demand under the tide of “Internet plus”? What conditions should a pedestrian turnstile gate have?


1.Ensure smooth entrance and exit without congestion

The traditional pedestrian turnstile gates are managed by swiping cards and registering. Congestion often occurs in rush hours, which brings troubles to many “urgent customers”. Under the tide of “Internet plus”, the new pedestrian gateway is controlled by face recognition. Ensure that the passage of personnel is fast and smooth.


2.Strong resistance to damage

A pedestrian turnstile gate management system is used to protect the safety of people and property, so the system itself must be safe. On the one hand, high safety refers to the natural or quasi-natural properties of the product or system, which should ensure the safety of the equipment and system operation and the safety of the operator. For example, the equipment and system itself should be able to resist high temperature, low temperature, damp heat, as well as static electricity and interference; On the other hand, the door should also have the function of anti-vandalism, such as anti-illegal intrusion alarm.


3.Strong stability

“Stability” is the primary principle for the selection of pedestrian turnstile gate systems. As far as possible, mature products with leading positions in the industry should be considered. They have passed a number of authoritative certifications and have many typical users. They are working normally for several years and have been highly acknowledged in the market.

Regarding hardware, from the controller to terminal recognition equipment are mature and stable merchandise. As the core of the system, the access controller should support offline mode and must use non-volatile memory chips such as flash, so that the information will not be lost when power failure or impact. Server and terminal detection equipment malfunction fail to modify the typical operation in the method.


4.Easy to maintain

The turnstile gate system should be easy to install and configure, easy to use and popular, and have unified network management ability, easy to maintain.

Up to now, the competition of gate products has entered a white-hot stage, the products are more and more homogeneous and modular, and the products in the market are also mixed. It is also because of this that the technology innovation of the industry can be promoted, and only innovation can be invincible in the gate market.

Mairsturnstile is an innovative enterprise focusing on the independent R & D, design, production, sales, and service of pedestrian turnstile gate as well as personalized customization. “Do every product well” is the company’s vision. The company applies the Internet development mode to develop products and uses the idea of a single product to make products.


With the attention of the state and enterprises to urban construction security and scenic area construction, the prospect of pedestrian turnstile gate industry is developing towards high-end. We should try to improve the appearance grade of the turnstile gate, stabilize the performance of the turnstile gate, and use resource integration to realize multi-function and intelligence.


With the improvement of visual aesthetics, people will have higher requirements on the appearance of the channel gate equipment. The appearance of the turnstile gate will be more close to the scenic area or the use environment, adding a different look and feel to the scenic area. In the increasingly competitive environment of intelligent turnstile gate systems, we believe that more beautiful, practical, powerful, and technologically advanced channel gate products will come to the market in the future, bringing people a brand-new experience.

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