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Custom Rigid Box Packaging – Matte Vs. Gloss Surfaces

By Adam Clark , in Technology , at March 10, 2021 Tags: ,

Custom rigid box packaging is a critical aspect of marketing because it constitutes a powerful means of enhancing specific product attributes and brand impressions through its graphical, textual, and structural design elements. Among these elements, packaging finishes play a vital role in enhancing product attributes. For instance, sustainable packaging leads to a perception of high food quality. The brand impressions are also stimulated by particular packaging finishes. By using these psychological mechanisms, the brands can drive consumer evaluations.

Some marketing and packaging experts believe that matte packaging leads to impressions of sincerity and, in turn, attracts target consumers who rely on warmth-related information in forming their attitudes. By contrast, glossy packaging leads to impressions of competence and, in turn, attracts consumers who focus on competence-related information in developing their attitudes. Because of these effects, favorable attitudes could hinge on the linkage between matte packaging and consumers’ warmth and between glossy packaging and a focus on competence.

Product Impressions Created by matte and glossy packaging

The focus has been increased over the past decade to unpack the extensive effects of packaging on consumers’ perceptions of the related products. The effects of matte and glossy surfaces on packaging have primarily been investigated from the connotations that each of the surface appearances evokes. Two appearances determine if a surface is perceived as matte or glossy, i.e., how it is touched and how it reflects light. Matte surfaces are soft and rough, whereas glossy surfaces are smooth and hard. As far as reflection is concerned, on the matte surface, the light is more diffused and distributed in a wide range of directions, whereas the glossy surface has single-angle light reflections.

Custom Rigid Boxes

Considering marketing practices, the addition of soft-touch elements to the custom box packaging influenced the product’s purchase. It has been noticed that with the soft-touch elements on the custom rigid boxes wholesale, a more favorable review of the product is given. Many packaging experts and rigid box manufacturers in the USA believe that there is a connection between the packaging’s texture, the consumers’ favorable attitude, and willingness to pay.

Glossiness and product competence

As mentioned previously, light is reflected from only a single angle on glossy surfaces. The glossy surfaces are a name of high brightness, sharpness, and contrast. Brightness and sharpness attract consumers from afar. A compelling gloss surface can be crafted by highlighting the edges of brightness and darkness. In the consumers’ psychology, glossy surfaces evoke a sense of competence. Glossy surfaces also connote expensiveness, sturdiness, rareness, interestingness, and sophistication. Custom rigid boxes wholesale with glossy surfaces and textures are perceived as luxurious, elegant, and high quality.

Brand sincerity and Product Effectiveness

Since the custom rigid boxes with glossy surfaces evoke a sense of product competence, effectiveness, the consumer instantly feels confident in buying the product since the confidence induces a sense of reliability, responsibility, dependability, and efficiency impressions in consumers’ minds. Brands and companies perceived to possess such skillsets for competent execution are associated with leadership, success, and intelligence.

Packaging Box finishes and brand impressions

Matte packaging can invoke the formation of sincere impressions. Sincere brands have natural package design because of the strong relationship between impressions of sincerity and natural package design. Many communicate a brand’s eco-friendliness and high social responsibility.


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