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What To Know About Jogger Scrub Pants

By Cristiana , in General , at October 27, 2022

A few years ago, jogger scrub pants made their debut in the nursing scrub world. Comfy and sporty clothing has created the athleisure fashion trend, considering more people have become focused on their health and wellness. Athleisure includes things like yoga pants, joggers, sports bras, hoodies, and athletic casual shoes. 

This trend has flourished in the healthcare industry considering nurses are in such a stressful and active workplace while trying to maintain comfort over long hours. At first, only a few brands offered this specific style, but as it grew quickly in popularity, multiple jogger scrub styles came on to the market. Some may worry that jogger scrub pants don’t come off as professional, but these days casual has become much more popular and it is completely normal to see nurses, doctors, and other medical personnel wearing a pair of jogger scrubs.

So what makes jogger scrubs so popular? Let’s take a look at why these scrubs are all the rage.

What Makes Jogger Scrubs So Popular?

Joggers are casual, tapered pants that have elastic at the waist and ankles. Long gone are the boring, boxy scrubs for everyone from nurses to neurosurgeons, but even with updated outfits, there is still the practicality of wearing protective clothing for patients to identify professionals around a hospital. Updating the look of a scrub uniform allows more personal style to shine through and still maintain the look of professionalism.

When you are accustomed to wearing straight legged scrubs for work, finding joggers that fit appropriately can be a little harder than your traditional fit. Getting the size right matters to be comfortable for your body and how it feels when you wear them. We recommend seeking brands that have a wide range to pick from so you can find a tailored fit. As important as the fit, materials are also a huge factor in comfort. Finding premium materials that are a functional, breathable blend of fabrics will affect comfort as well as breathability. Wrinkle-resistance and durability is important for cleanliness as well as remaining intact after multiple washes.

Here’s what to know about jogger scrub pants and reasons why so many people are choosing this style.

  • Comfort: Jogger pants in general are very comfortable. They are essentially like sweatpants, but are not made from thick fabric and much more breathable. This means less sweating and clothes sticking to an active medical professional. With an elastic waistband, you’ll find a less restricted feeling around your waist.
  • Better fit: With a tapered leg and elastic cuff at the ankle, you eliminate the worry of tripping over any pant legs. The drawstring and elastic waist also makes these scrubs much more comfortable and offer more mobility when bending or stretching. 
  • Function: When looking at scrub brands, make sure to find jogger scrub pants that have adequate pocket space and storage options. Pockets offer storage benefits that traditional scrubs have, but don’t feel as bulky or heavy. Most athleisure materials and fabrics are made to offer comfort as well as functionality.
  • Style: Joggers were introduced a few years ago and the style still stands strong in the competition. Some have said joggers are basically the new jeans. Leggings have long been a comfortable pant choice, but now joggers have pushed through as the comfortable, more popular option. 

Athleisure Fashion

Athleisure scrub sets are becoming much more popular as they allow personal style show through even though it is still a uniform. Athletic-inspired clothing focuses on being multifunctional while also comfortable, and will use stretchy, breathable fabrics that wick away moisture. Considering scrub fashion always tends to evolve with the current fashion trends, athleisure was easy to catch on.

While doctors will never need to look like they are fashion runway ready, it doesn’t hurt to update the old boring uniforms that have always been around in the medical field. There is nothing wrong with giving an updated look while also maintaining efficiency and comfort with such demanding jobs that require most to be active and constantly moving. Several brands have updated their medical scrubs with more athleisure fashion in mind to give stylish flair to nurses and doctors alike. More and more medical professionals are seeking to adopt the sleek, stylish, comfortable and practical jogger scrub trend.


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