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What You Should Know About Flame-Resistant Clothes

By Cristiana , in General , at June 14, 2023

Do you have a career that puts you at risk of fires or flammable fumes? If so, you likely want to do everything in your power to stay safe on the job.

Wearing the right flame resistant clothes for the job could be the best safety precaution you can take. They are specifically made with materials that protect you from fires and prevent you from starting one.

Keep reading to learn more about flame resistant clothes.

What Is Flame Resistant Clothing?

Flame resistant clothing is designed to protect the wearer from flame and heat contact. It is different than fire retardant clothing in that it’s designed to resist and protect from direct flame contact. This is made not just to slow the spread or reduce the intensity of a flame once contact is made.

It is also designed to include multiple layers. It is constructed from fibers, materials, and weaves. It is also from treatments that can self-extinguish flame once contact is extinguished.

The materials and fabrics used are chosen to resist warping, combusting, and melting when exposed to flame. Flame resistant clothing is used in a variety of industries, such as oil and gas, mining, emergency response, and aviation.

It is used in active military operations. It is also utilized in other hazardous activities where protection is needed. This species is from extreme flame-producing conditions.

What Is the Purpose of Flameproof Clothing?

Flame resistant apparel acts as a barrier. This is between the individual wearing it and high temperatures or flames that could otherwise cause extreme harm.

The purpose of flameproof clothing is to protect the wearer from the effects of fire, heat, and electricity. Flameproof clothing is often made of flame-resistant fabrics. This includes wool, cotton, high-performance Nomex webbing, and Kevlar.

These fabrics create a physical barrier between the fire and the person wearing the fireproof clothing. This makes them much safer in hazardous environments.

Flameproof clothing can also be treated with various chemicals to become even more flame resistant. This type of clothing is especially important in firefighting, welding, and electric fields. It can be a life-saving measure when dealing with extremely hazardous working environments.

Who Needs to Wear Flame-Resistant Clothing?

Anyone who works near an open flame runs the risk of potential burn injuries. For this reason, flame-resistant clothing is recommended for anyone who has to work with or around extreme heat and fire.

The following are all likely to need flame-resistant clothing:

  • firefighters and welders
  • industrial and chemical workers
  • manufacturing and production workers
  • people in the oil and gas extraction industries

Additionally, people who engage in dangerous sports or activities, such as drag racing and fire-eating, may require flame-resistant clothing to protect them. Flame-resistant clothing is also recommended for children who participate in supervised fire-related activities, such as a marshmallow roast or bonfire.

Learn More About Flame Resistant Clothes

From safety regulations to important fabric facts, understanding flame resistant clothes is essential to workplace safety. Wearing the right type of fabric in the right situation can save lives.

Consider consulting a safety professional for any unanswered questions. Don’t delay- start learning more about flame-resistant clothes today!

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