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What is Digital Demand, and How To Master It?

By Adam Clark , in Technology , at February 23, 2021 Tags:

Demand Generation’ is a marketing descipline targeted to drive awareness for a company’s products and services. Recent studies have revealed that about 85% of marketers rank ‘lead generation,’ as their top goal. Still, most of them found that their demand generation process could not virtually meet an organization’s needs. 

Demand Generation is not just about generating leads, but it is an art to engage leads turning into revenues.

Digital Demand Generation Strategies

  • Share a valuable offer for free –Especially recommended when reaching out to top-level executives, a no-cost offer produce wonderful results. Sharing the most useful information will reflect positively in your brand. The free valuable offer may be in the form of an eBook, a free tool, or a free promotional campaign. This approach is likely to attract more traffic to the website with more enthusiastic prospects. 
  • Multi-Channel Content Creation –The marketers are tasked with blogs and social media to generate demand with new channels. With the help of online presentations, interactive tools, digital magazines, mobile applications, etc., the digital demand generation has evolved significantly. Marketers are creating content for every channel which their buyers use extensively.
  • Prepare a product video –A short video explaining your services and products is a powerful tool to generate more demand. Videos are a valuable way of engaging with a larger portion of prospective clients. 
  • Focus on your social media activities –Social media is the best source to know your audiences’ reactions. This is an instant way of communicating directly with your customers. The key factors to be kept in mind while using a social media platform are:
  • Invest in platforms which generate the most traffic
  • Localize your social networks
  • Make regular analysis and audits for your social media performance
    • Put together a quiz –One of the creative and interactive ways to earn a potential client’s attention is through quiz creation. You can create this quiz based on relevant subject manner. This strategy offers a fun way of gaining valuable information and knowledge of your client. A well-designed quiz is likely to be shared with many social media groups, thus increasing your organization’s reach.
  • Create Useful Blog Posts –Are you using your company’s blog should generate demand for your products and services?

A blog is an essential addon to your corporate website. The truth is that no one cares about your website if you’re not providing value. With a blog, you can create helpful content to educate your target audience.

While this section isn’t geared at detailing everything you can do with a blog, just bear in mind that by consistently creating new and valuable blog posts, your website will generate organic traffic and prospects.You start by identifying the problem that your audience is facing. Then you create articles to address the problem and provide answers.

You should have some of the answers, if not, you shouldn’t be in business in the first place. Here’s a typical blog post on OneIMS that solves a problem of “bounce rate.” As you can see, the post first identifies the causes of the problem, then provides a solution.


Demand generation is a must for all B2B companies with immense opportunities for digital marketing. Adopting the right demand generation approach with the smart process and operational efficiency will lead to getting your desired goals.


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