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what does gandalf say before he falls

By Cristiana , in General , at February 20, 2022

“You cannot pass!” is one of the most powerful lines in the Lord of the Rings series. The line is spoken by Gandalf before he falls. The voiced character was portrayed by Ian McKellen, who channeled the character to inspire his students. In the movie, Gandalf explains that he lost his memory when he fell into a hole and later returned as a white man.

In the first movie, Gandalf tells the Fellowship to flee the bridge, but they are too late; Sauron had already destroyed the Ring and his fall would be too low to predict. In fact, he will lose his greatest strength from the start and become a spirit of malice that can never grow. This line is a resounding confirmation of the Lord of the Rings’ moral ambiguity.

Before falling, Gandalf tries to warn the Fellowship of the secret plan. Unfortunately, the Fellowship was not prepared for the message he was trying to convey. In fact, he told them to “go to the eagles” instead of “fly, you fools!” As the Fellowship prepared to fall, he tried to convince them that he was the true heir to the One Ring.

Before falling, Gandalf attempts to tell the Fellowship his secret plan. He warns the Fellowship to fly to the eagles, saying, “You fools!,” before succumbing to his fate. In the next scene, Gandalf confronts the Balrog, telling him, “You cannot pass” and that the dark fire will not be of any use.

Gandalf also tries to tell the Fellowship about his secret plan before falling, but he was too evasive for the Fellowship to understand. He also tells the Fellowship to go to the eagles before he falls. Despite being too smart to escape the Balrog, he eventually breaks the bridge and plunges to the dark below. The famous line was delivered by Sir Ian McKellen in the first film.

The quote Gandalf says just before falling is the most famous line in the Lord of the Rings. His final words are a command to his friends to run to safety. The words ‘run’ are the same as ‘flying’ when spoken in English. And “to fall’ means to fall. But in the Middle Earth, he cries out to his friends to run.

‘Bilbo Baggins’ was a servant of the Secret Fire. He possessed the flame of Anor and could summon an army of eagles to dive bomb Mount Doom. He was the ring’s wielder, but he could not use it. However, ‘Bilbo’ was a mere illusion. In reality, Gandalf was a real person. But Bilbo, the eagles were real. He was a servant of the fire of Anor, and he was in control of the Secret Fire.


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