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Top 5 social media marketing firms in Singapore for 2021

By Adam Clark , in Business , at February 2, 2021 Tags: ,

Social media has become an essential tool for people to socialize and stay connected despite their physical distance. Aside from that, people use social media as a form of engaging entertainment. As a result, numerous people are always on social media. For that reason, many businesses acquire social media agency Singapore services to help them promote their brand on social media.

A company that uses social media has a wider market potential than those that don’t. Furthermore, they can reach customers even those that are overseas. With these many benefits of social media marketing, it has become a requirement for businesses to set up their own business social media profiles. Setting up a social account is easy. Managing the marketing aspect of it is hard. That is why you should hire a social media marketing Singapore agency. In this article, we’ll cover the top 5 social media marketing firms in Singapore for 2020.

#1 – EvolveDigitas

Evolve Digitas Pte Ltd is a digital marketing service company in Singapore that specializes in social media agency Singapore services. They are skilled when it comes to comprehending, creating, and conducting social media campaigns. They aim to bring brilliant marketing results through high-quality advertisements that will encourage social media users to engage with the business. Thus, their clients are certain that with EvolveDigitas’s help, they can convert social media engagement into sales.

EvolveDigitas sets long term goals and aims to foster a good relationship between the business and its customers. In addition, they use several social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more. They help their clients choose a channel that is most suitable for the business. They also ensure that the target audience is also present in that chosen social media channel. Thus, their social media marketing Singapore tactics will surely get you the results you are looking for.

#2 – Plexxie

Plexxie introduces itself as a creative social media agency Singapore firm that connects people and brands in meaningful & impactful ways. They are skilled in creating a loyal online community for their brands they are partnering with. They use innovative strategies to generate leads and turn them into sales. Thus, they can aid the management to bring the business forward.

The social media marketing Singapore services provided by Plexxie revolves around content creation and reporting. They usually start by planning the content and target audiences. Then, they proceed to creating and curating content and executing the plan. They continuously monitor the progress of each social media campaign to make sure they are working as planned.

#3 – Agency J

Most of the time, the best social media agency Singapore companies are those that target a specific niche or audience. One of them is Agency J. This social media marketing Singapore company is continuously working with clients in the education sector. They have worked with universities, schools, and even test prep centers. They know how to turn social media leads into enrollees. They are the best social media agency Singapore firm if you own a business in the education sector. Thus, you can expect them to deliver you great return-on-investment for your business in the education industry.

#4 – 8traordinary

8traordinary is a social media agency Singapore business that has a very attractive philosophy. According to their philosophy, they aim to uncover the “Why’s”, conceptualize the specific “How’s”, and execute the “What’s”. They aid in bringing brands and customers together by implementing this philosophy. They make sure that they understand everything about the company before they begin to strategize a social media marketing Singapore plan. In addition, they are good at collaborating with businesses. Many clients testify that 8traordinary feels like an extension of their team rather than an outsource service. Thus, working with them is easy.

#5 – Dfw Creative

One of the best social media agency Singapore firms is Dfw Creative. This award-winning agency has been around for almost a decade. They have worked with clients on a regional and national level. They also have international clients for their digital marketing services. Furthermore, they are known for being client-oriented since they listen carefully to the marketing needs of each company. They are well-regarded for their creative approaches to social media marketing. These approaches have proven to be effective since they garner great results not only in social media engagement but also in sales. That is why many business owners are considering this social media marketing Singapore company.

More social media marketing Singapore firms

Singapore has lots of social media agencies that you can choose to work with. These five firms mentioned above are only some of the best performing of these years. If you are looking for another social media marketing company to work with, we have another suggestion for you. Contact Digital Solutions and find out what social media services they can help you with. Head now to their website.


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