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Online truck booking apps are all the rage

By Adam Clark , in Business , at February 4, 2021 Tags: ,

Truck booking apps are a big help in sending your materials from one place to another. The transportation of materials and goods is now super convenient all thanks to these amazing and user friendly truck loading apps. These apps are super easy to work with and have become indispensible in the transportation industry due to their countless advantages. The old way of booking a truck has lots and lots of drawbacks. Hiring a truck is quite cumbersome, problematic and chaotic in the traditional way. This is not the case with online truck booking. Online truck booking also known as E-trucking is thus taking the logistics industry by storm.

Given below are some advantages of online truck booking apps-

  1. Reasonable rates-

Truck loading apps allow the consumers to avail the services of countless transporters and select the one who offers the best possible price to them. Thus having these apps is hugely advantageous as the customers can get competitive rates from the transporters. Lots of discounts are available all the time on these apps, which is an added advantage.

  1. User-friendly and save time-

Online hiring of a truck is super-easy now, all thanks to these extremely user-friendly apps. The instructions have to be simply read through and the app can be used conveniently. Just enter the pick- up location and destination location and book a truck. It’s that simple. The truck driver is keenly aware of the location where the goods have to be transported as he uses the GPS feature in the app and thus doesn’t have to meander aimlessly. Hence these online truck booking apps save a whole lot of time.

  1. Transportation records can be accessed easily-

Trucks can be hired directly through these online truck loading apps. The need to contact brokers or agents or intermediaries is eliminated courtesy these apps. They can just directly login to these trucks loading apps, select the truck they want or require as per their material loading requirements.

  1. Trucks can be tracked 24 hours-

These online truck booking apps allow the customers to keep live tracking of their trucks all the time and this helps in calculating the amount of time these trucks will require for delivery. This feature is quite a boon as it brings about a huge amount of transparency to the customers that are absolutely impossible in traditional method of truck booking.

  1. More route/truck connectivity-

Because of e-trucking, more routes are accessible for transportation.

  1. Live pricing-

The customer gets the instant price for the truck booked, which means better pricing pertaining to the vehicles to be used.

  1. Part load services-

The availability of part-load option for online parcel services has made e-trucking a profitable option, as the shipper doesn’t have to pay for the whole vehicle single-handedly.

Truck for rent Bangalore is available through these online truck booking apps. Increasing number of customers will be hiring trucks and tempos like TATA 407, TATA Ace, and EECO etc through these online truck loading apps. These apps are hugely popular nowadays and have benefited the transportation and logistics sectors immensely and are thus highly recommended.


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