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Tips for Talking to Insurance Adjusters After a Car Accident

By Cristiana , in Law , at November 3, 2022

Even minor accidents between two vehicles can have a long and lasting impact. From the issues caused by the financial consequences to the physical injuries you may suffer, the accident is usually just the start of more serious problems. 

Unfortunately, some people are confused and feel pressured to answer any questions the insurance adjuster poses, even if they aren’t ready to do so. While every car accident situation is unique, there are some general tips you can keep in mind when talking to an insurance adjuster. 

It’s also wise to contact Chicago personal injury lawyers for assistance. They can help ensure you don’t say something you shouldn’t or incriminate yourself in some way. 

Never Admit Fault 

Sometimes, people assume fault when something like an accident happens. Even collisions that another person causes can make you feel like you should have done something to prevent it. You may think things like, “I should have reacted sooner.”

This is not the right way to think about talking to an insurance adjuster. Never apologize and never admit fault. 

Don’t Minimize the Severity of Your Injuries 

It doesn’t matter if it is because of insecurity or shame; many accident victims try to downplay their injuries, stating they are fine or that they will be okay. 

After you are involved in a car accident, you should be checked out by a medical professional. When you do this, all your injuries will be documented, and you will receive an official treatment plan. Even things that seem insignificant may result in long-term issues. 

Don’t Guess or Give Ambiguous Answers 

It is common for insurance adjusters to ask you multiple questions about your collision. These include things like if any witnesses saw what happened, the road conditions, if there were distractions on the road, and what the weather was like. 

If you don’t know the answer to these questions, you can say that. You can also tell the adjuster that you need to think about the question and get back to them. 

When you do this, you can reflect on the situation or talk to Chicago personal injury lawyers about what you should or should not say. Regardless of the situation, it’s best to avoid guessing when answering these questions. 

Don’t be Afraid to Call Them Back

After a car accident, you may struggle with different injuries that require you to seek medical treatment. In many cases, pain medication will be part of the treatment. 

If you are in pain or taking pain relievers, you should postpone the conversation and let them know you will call back when you feel better. The goal of any insurance adjuster is to get the process handled as quickly as possible, but you should slow things down until you can answer honestly. 

Don’t Wait to Call Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers

Contact Chicago personal injury lawyers immediately if you don’t know how to talk to insurance adjusters after a car accident or what you should or shouldn’t say. They can review the evidence in your case and help you get the compensation you deserve. 


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