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When You Should Call an Attorney

By Cristiana , in Law , at December 21, 2022

There are moments in your life when you need advice on what you should do. For some issues, you can talk to your family and friends. However, when it has to do with legal matters, you must consult a lawyer. Here are a few times when you should call an attorney.

To Dissolve a Marriage

When you exchange marital vows with your spouse, you typically join your assets with theirs. In the event that you decide to dissolve your marriage, you will have to talk to an attorney to divide your possessions equally. This is especially true if there are children between you. Reach out to the top divorce laywers in Tennessee and ask for their help. They can advocate for you in court and ensure that you get your portion of your estate and arrange the custody of your kids. They can also pose as your intermediary if you wish to cut contact with your partner. If any changes are required to your current agreement, they can act on your behalf.

To Divide an Estate

Your close relative has died and their estate must be divided among your family. This is another instance where you can utilize the advice of an attorney. They can execute the will and inform each person included on it about what they received. They can warn the recipient of the gift if they are responsible for any fees or taxes. They are also qualified to research any accounts that are associated with them and determine if the funds that the bank oversees should go to someone else. Find a lawyer who is an expert in this type of procedure and ask them to represent you. They can be by your side through it all and ensure you get what was promised to you.

To Write a Will

Once you die, the possessions that you have during your life will be dispersed among your family and friends. However, if you were holding back a special item for someone, there is a chance it may go to another person. Your small children would be placed in a home by the state that you live in, and it often can be a total stranger. You have little control of what will happen unless you write a will. This document clearly states where your money and things should go in the event of your death. It will direct which relatives your family should live with if they are too young to be on their own. A lawyer can assist you in drafting this paper and then will enforce it for you.

When You Have a Legal Problem

You have made a mistake and have been arrested or were at fault for an accident. In these situations, contact a lawyer immediately. They can gather evidence that reflects your guilt or they are able to intercede on your behalf to reduce what you pay or the jail time that you have to serve. Ask your family and friends for a referral or you can research the professionals in your area that have positive reviews from their previous clients.


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