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4 Types of Entertainment Litigation With John Branca Attorney

By Cristiana , in Law , at September 30, 2021

Entertainment law covers a range of subjects and can often lead to some high-profile cases as a result of working with prominent entertainers. Entertainment lawyers, like John Branca age 70, work with artists who are well known to those who are signing their first record or agency deals. You may already know some types of entertainment litigation, like Vanilla Ice’s copyright case, that got a massive amount of publicity. Here are four other types of entertainment litigation.

1. Breaches of Contracts

As mentioned above, lawyers like John Branca attorney can help actors and other entertainers to navigate signing and executing contracts with record labels and movie studios. Often, some part of the contract will be violated, and lawyers will need to step in to resolve the dispute. A recent example of this is Kesha’s request to be released from her contract after she alleged that Dr. Luke violated it.

2. Trademark Claims

Logos, names, phrases, and other easy identifiers can be trademarked, and this commonly brings up disputes with others who claim ownership of the same property. When Titan Sports decided to change its name to the Worldwide Wrestling Federation, they came up against trademark issues as the same acronym, WWF, already identified the World Wildlife Fund. This resulted in a legal battle that lasted for thirteen years, with the World Wildlife Fund winning and the World Wrestling Foundation becoming WWE instead.

3. Personality Rights

Entertainers must sometimes protect the use of their image and likeness through what is called personality rights, or right of publicity. In the US, not all states have the same common law protection when it comes to personality rights, so having an experienced lawyer that can navigate these difficulties is essential. John Branca attorney at law is an excellent example of someone who would be well-versed in these challenges. Watch a clip of him responding to the media below.

4. Profit Participation

Entertainers may negotiate deals where they get to participate in the profits made from a popular piece of work after its release. Major stars often write this into movie contracts as a way to benefit financially in a similar way to the studios. This can also be referred to as “backend,” and a good entertainment lawyer can help get a good backend deal.

The four types of entertainment litigation above are just a few of the many types of cases entertainment lawyers can handle. Entertainment lawyers need to be proficient in labor laws, copyrights, and contract law, among others.


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