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The Reasons Behind the Significance and Popularity of Handloom Silk Sarees

By Adam Clark , in Fashion , at March 11, 2021 Tags: , ,

Whether it is light chanderi cotton or luminous silk embroideries, the creativity of each skilled craftsman can be imbued in their handcrafted saree. It’s evident that handloom pieces always win this creative battle over machine-produced ones. In this article, we will look at some reasons why you must choose handloom silk sarees compared to other varieties available.

Knowing More About Handloom Saree

Handloom saree is one of the classic and traditional textiles and traced back to India & Bangladesh. Known to be the prime cottage industry of India, the handloom industry has actually witnessed the rise & fall. It was the time when everybody wanted to drape handloom sarees & was woven on many fabrics, and not just silk. But, when westernization came into existence, its popularity and demand got an instant dip.

Currently, the immense popularity of silk & mostly the handloom silk saree has increased once again and it’s great to see the intensity of various handloom patterns & weaving styles that are present in many sarees out there.

Why choose handloom saree?

When you are in the market buying the handloom silk saree, you are supporting many weavers who are struggling hard to maintain their creativity alive amidst this industry loom & people are going away from this tradition. The handloom saree is made with hands and this personal touch makes this fabric very unique and special in all ways. They demand a little more care than the industry loom but when you look after the washing & maintenance instructions rightly, it will stay you for years to come. Thus, it is the best investment that will give you great returns in a long term.

It’s also an eco-friendly choice. The handloom saree weavers do not use any chemical dyes for printing and carving any motifs. Just the natural dyes that are derived from flowers, leaves, and turmeric are used to give this fabric different colors & prints. These do not pollute our water bodies. Suppose you are an environment-conscious person, then handloom silk sarees are your best bet.

These days, many new types of industry loom sarees are coming to market which looks more or less the same as the Handloom one but this slowly crushes the art of handloom weavers. So when you choose a handloom saree, you are not only buying this for your own self but also supporting all those weavers who struggle to keep their art alive.

Contrary to the many believes, the handloom sarees aren’t limited to the bohemian and artsy looks alone. You will find different types of Banarasi, Kanjivaram, Maheshwari sarees in the silk & silk-cotton that will give you an amazing look! No matter whether you’re a bride or BFF, the handloom sarees make you look perfect and complete your style!

Find the right variety

When it comes to handloom silk, there are sub-variety that you will find and some popular variants & options are:

  • Tussar silk
  • Chanderi silk
  • Kanchipuram silk
  • Mysore silk
  • Banarasi silk
  • And many more

As the name implies, this saree will differ as per their weaving designs that are popular in that region. Banarasi handloom silk saree will be totally different in taste than the Kanchipuram handloom saree. Kanchi type will mostly have golden jari whereas it’s not the same with Banarasi handloom type.

How will you identify the pure Handloom saree?

Suppose you are looking to buy a handloom silk saree for very little money, then chances are it will be the fake one! The handloom sarees in cotton and silk are costly to weave. The pure handloom saree must be identified by the woven flow & from the weight and texture.

For instance, the real Banarasi silk saree must be checked by floats between its grids of wraps & wefts over the saree. The handloom sarees are checked by the texture, weight, and shimmer. The best method to check the handloom silk saree will be by rubbing your saree with your hands. The original silk piece generates warmth when it is rubbed by your hands.\

For Chanderi silk saree, if it creates the sound of walking on dry leaves when rubbing it, then it’s the genuine chanderi. The real embroidery made on the handloom silk sarees must be judged by the pattern & stitches. The pure handloom embroidery reflects its shadow & criss-cross stitches. Although several machines made embroideries appear similar to the handmade, and they leave a bit uneven stitching & loose ends.

Final Words

Thus, with these different options & details, if you are about to buy the handloom silk saree for your next event, these tips will help you out. They span the huge budget as the price will start from a thousand rupees to lakhs. Thus, choose the right one!


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