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5 Common ring designs men prefer to buy

By Adam Clark , in Fashion , at February 1, 2021 Tags: ,

In the past, it was not very common to see men wear rings apart from it being a sign of their commitment. As the fashion trends evolved, more and more men started wearing rings, not just as a sign of their marriage but also as a status symbol. Today,men’s fashion is growing at a fast pace and so is their taste for rings. Hence, newer ring designs have hit the market with more masculine features to satisfy the appetite of this rising demand.Here are a few designs which are most popular among men.

Signet rings: The signet ring has made a comeback to the fashion industry and statistics show that it has become extremely popular with the masses especially the men. Although considered as a unisex design, it is generally the men who prefer to buy this design. The signet ring contains a raised shank with a flat face which can either have something engraved or stone work done on it. Also known as a gentleman’s ring, the signet rings today are available in a variety of designs having intricate work done on the face of it and also on the ring band. The Hatton Garden Jewellery store has stunning designs of signet rings which are sure to leave you impressed.

Textured bands: Gone are the days when men used to wear plain metallic bands to symbolize their wedding. Today the simple bands are available in a variety of textures which give them an edgy look. Not only that, but they are also available in a completely new range of metals such as carbon fiber and platinum, giving them a rustic look that men absolutely adore. The rugged get up of the textured bands and the sophisticated vibes of the carbon fiberbands make them a great choice for men’s rings.

Open rings: Open rings are those rings which are not a complete circle where the two ends are just short of meeting each other. These rings are also designed in the form of a short spiral. For men, the open rings are made with a thicker band to give it a more masculine touch. More ornate forms of these open rings usually have an out of the box shape or design such as of a snake spiraling around the finger with multiple stone details. Such rings look extremely classy and are sure to grab the attention of the people around.

Quadra band: Staying true to its name “Quadra”, this ring actually has four sides. A Quadra band is quirky take on a simple band ring where the inner perimeter of the ring is a circle while the outer perimeter is a square. It essentially a metallic square with a circle cut out in the center which fits the finger. It is a very simple design but has a very modern artistic look to it, something that men usually tend to like.

Customized rings: Customized rings are the way to go if you want something personalized and unique. Since most men are quite picky when it comes to fashion, the best way to go is to get a ring which is made entirely according to their choice right from the shape, the metal, the stone etc. Be it engagement rings Hatton Gardendiamond rings or any other ring, getting a personalized ring made will not just create a ring to match your tastes but will also create a ring which truly stands out in the crowd.Plan your design for the ring and the customization you would ask your jeweller to get the unique ring for your special occasion.


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