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Step-by-step Guide to Choosing the Right Software Testing Partner

Software testing is a decisive element of the software development lifecycle. Outsourcing software testing to the right partner can initiate efficient strategies and quicker turnarounds. However, choosing a reliable expert in QA services can be quite a deal, as there are many things to consider before getting started.

Let us discuss the process involved in identifying the right software testing partner that can constructively test your software solution and offer an unbiased approach.

6 Benefits of Outsourcing Software Testing to a Specialist

Software testing outsourcing allows organizations to focus on their core functions and drive innovation. It gives you the advantage of an expert testing service provider working efficiently to ensure a better QA in product development.

Outsourcing software testing to QA professionals helps you save time and money, irrespective of the scope of the project and the frequency of your testing needs. Some of the compelling reasons why you should outsource software testing are –

1.     Focus on the Core

When you outsource your software testing requirements, you can focus on the core business. It gives you time to understand your business requirements and strategize accordingly. As a result, you can improve business ROI and gain an edge over the competition.

2.     Cost-Efficient

If you were to test the software solutions in-house, you need to set up the infrastructure, train your in-house team, and invest in the testing tools. It can cost your business heavily. Instead, outsourcing means you spend only on the testing services you avail, therefore making the cost sustainable for you.

3.     Efficient Testing Methods

You may not know which tests or strategies to use when testing a particular software solution. However, the experts are equipped with the latest testing processes, methods, and cases that can immediately get the desired and unbiased results.

4.     Independent Quality Assurance

Third-party testing service providers generally do not have any information regarding changes that happened during the software development process. This ensures that you get independent quality assurance and uninfluenced testing.

5.     Faster Time-to-Market

By outsourcing testing, you align the testing methods as well as the timeline to app development. Continuous integration and enhanced testing methods ensure rapid iterations and faster incorporation of feedback for quicker launches.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Software Testing Partner

When choosing a software testing partner for your business needs, you should consider a few things.

1.     Vendor Inspection

When choosing the third party software testing partner, you need to conduct a thorough examination of the vendor’s background. Your vendor may offer luring prices and services that seem at par with those provided by the top-notch companies.

However, you need to understand how your potential partner manages to test and offers unbiased results. Ask them questions regarding testing methods, their standards, best practices, and how they work deadlines.

Modern development models require frequent code changes. It is also essential to know beforehand if the QA service provider is comfortable with implementing QA in CI/CD pipeline.

2.     Niche Proficiency

How proficient are they with testing standards and different testing strategies will determine whether they are equipped to help you with your business requirements or not?

If they are not abreast with current testing trends or don’t understand the terminologies, you should look for another partner. A partner with niche expertise knows how to select the right team.

You will be partnering with highly skilled and resourceful testers who know what they are doing and will offer unbiased test results.

3.     Comprehensive SLA

Service level agreement helps identify the project specs and the timeline and budget for a particular project. It will ensure that the vendor company understands what is expected of them to strategize the testing process accordingly.

It offers to be a blueprint for both companies to proceed with the testing phase. As part of the SLA, the vendor company should seek the software solution and an understanding of the business from you. You should understand the quality measures as well as the compliance standards they will adopt.

4.     Transparent Communication

For any relationship to survive, communication is a crucial factor. If you are hiring a testing partner for your software requirements, ensure that the potential vendor is transparent with their communication. They should be prompt in their replies and maintain transparency throughout the process.

In case you are operating in different time zones, then they should be able to maintain communication. At least one member should be available to handle the queries and resolve the issues.

5.     Testing Infrastructure

It is crucial to know about the testing infrastructure adopted by the QA service provider. Understand how they incorporate automated testing and what type of automation tools they use. The testing tool landscape is massive, and many factors go into choosing the right infrastructure. Apart from automation testing, understand what different types of testing they offer. You should also know the testing process they follow to get the desired results.

6.     Data/ Intellectual Property Security

When you are partnering with a third-party testing service provider, you are giving them the details of your software solution along with data that is core to your business. You should take steps so that the data is not compromised and your property is protected.

You should sign a confidentiality agreement along with NDA and IP protection agreements with the potential partner. It will ensure the proper protection of the information provided by you.

Steps to Choose the Best Software Testing Partner

Choosing the right software testing partner is critical to ensure that all the factors mentioned above are considered.

1.     Things You Should Outsource

What are your testing requirements? Answer this question to know what you need to outsource to begin a relationship with your potential QA partner. You need to consider the type of testing and the testing areas that you need to define to proceed with the partner. Are you interested in mobile app testing, web application testing, or both? Do you want the vendor to perform automated-manual combination or manual-alone testing? Finally, make a list of target platforms and devices before you outsource the process.

2.     Shortlist Potential Vendors

Seek recommendations or search online to identify a list of vendors who can help you with your software testing needs. There are plenty of vendors readily available in the market to help you achieve your testing needs. Check those who match your business requirements and can fulfill your testing goals. Further, narrow down based on SLAs and communication standards as well as ratings offered to them.

3.     Interact with your List

It is time to check the list and connect with each of the vendors on a one-on-one basis. Interact, seek information about how they operate, and know what their strengths and weaknesses are. Check how they connect, collaborate, and communicate with you. Ask questions that will help you understand their testing capabilities and how they will perform as a partner.

4.     Assess and Finalize

Take the final call after analyzing, comparing, and assessing the different vendors from your list. Outsource to the one that checks every criterion that is important to your business.

Concluding Thoughts

While you want to ensure everything is taken care of in-house, certain things require domain expertise and niche understanding. Testing is one such aspect that requires skilled engineers and high-end tools. To make it more resourceful, useful, and cost-efficient, you should ideally outsource it to the right QA partner.

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