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What Is The Need of Hiring English to Spanish Translators For Your Business?

By Adam Clark , in Business , at January 28, 2021 Tags:

The bedrock of any successful global expansion is communication. If you want to enter international markets successfully, the key is to talk to your target customers and your potential clients in the language they understand. You have to localize your entire communication that involves your marketing and branding efforts.

English to Spanish translation of the text for your Spanish speaking potential customers is essential for a smooth communication process and familiarity. However, many businesses try to cut corners and opt for free translation tools or engage with bilingual people for their translation needs. If history is anything to go by – this behavior has always backfired. There are countless instances of failed translation that have cost companies their reputation, money, and at times long and tedious legal battles.

Keep reading to understand the need for professional English to Spanish translators

The need for professional English to Spanish translators for your business. 

1) Professional Spanish translators protect you from embarrassing bloopers.

Nokia – once upon a time, a leading cellphone giant had a hilarious blunder in their Spanish translation.

Their otherwise popular Lumia series made waves in Spain speaking countries for all the wrong reasons. Lumia means Prostitute in Spanish. A mistake that could have been easily avoided if they had consulted a professional translator.

It’s shocking to know that even multi-million dollar companies are not exempt from embarrassing mistakes in their translation. These bloopers have cost companies their reputation – also, when you make mistakes in your communication by trying to save costs – you send out a message that you don’t respect your customers enough even to do some basic research. 

2) Professional translators can communicate your message most effectively.

Remember the famous Got Milk? A campaign by the American Dairy Association? It is said to be one of the most influential campaigns that changed the way of milk consumption. This campaign even showed the power of effective communication. But guess what? The otherwise multi-million dollar campaign failed to translate their text into Spanish successfully. Their literal translation of the Spanish tag line had the Spanish consumers confused as it read – are you lactating? Such a smart campaign that got lost in translation.

But mistakes likes these could be easily avoided if a professional translator was in the loop. Professional translators don’t just offer word-to-word translation. They understand the meaning and the essence of the message that you are trying to convey and translate the text that conveys the same sense in an equally impactful way.  

3) Translators understand the culture, trends, and slangs associated with the language.

Every language has a rich culture attached to it; the cultural implication of words is a crucial factor that must be considered while translating.

Similarly, there are changing trends and slangs that are not part of the official language but popular and known to any native. Now, not every bilingual person will be aware of these trends or slang. Still, a professional translator not only knows them- even understands when and how to use them to make your communication engaging.

Plus, they can protect you from communicating something that can offend your potential customers or clients.  

4) They can help you localize your digital presence.

A robust digital presence is vital for any business in this digital era. People almost always look for a product or a service online before making a purchase decision. While you might have an up and running website for your home country – you need to localize the website and every other aspect of your digital presence for every country you eye to enter.

 Website’s English to Spanish translation is an essential step towards expanding your reach. A professional translator will help you with the effortless translation of all the aspects of your website. 

5) Translators come with industry-specific knowledge.

Translation of technical areas such as – medical, law, chemical industry, or instruction manuals requires one to have more than just a deep understanding of the language. A translator needs to be experienced and has knowledge related to the subject matter.

Professional translators with subject matter expertise can help you with the successful translation of such texts. Such translations need to be error-free as any bloopers in these translations can turn into a legal battle at best and cost people’s lives in the worst-case scenario. Working with a professional and experienced translator eliminates the risk of such errors. 


The temptation of saving a few bucks in translation might be high, but its repercussions are catastrophic. Dollars invested in effective communication will help you gain trust, create familiarity and form lifelong bonds with your potential customers and clients. Invest in experienced and professional translators and make your communication strong.

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