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Impromptu Quirky Day of Surprises For your girlfriend

By Cristiana , in Fashion Lifestyle , at January 30, 2021 Tags:

With time romance fades. Bring some thrill and excitement into your love life with these unusual gift ideas for your girlfriend. Designed to amaze, amuse and entertain, these suggested presents will surely put the fun back in your life as a couple. No relationship is perfect. At one point in your partnership, you may hit the mark wherein things, even the activities you usually look forward to such as gift-giving, become too stale, predictable and boring. Surprises are a surefire trick to get things going and keep things more exciting.

Whatever the occasion, you will find on the web nothing less than extraordinary items in an extensive range of gift choices that fit all kinds of budgets. Save yourself the time and hassle and let your fingers do the shopping.

  • T-shirt

Why not do something different for a change and try your hand at designing your personalized best valentine gift? Squeeze out your creative juices and design your own t-shirt. This unique gift idea gives you the freedom to customize your shirt. With different fabric colours and a blank t-shirt transfer paper, you can easily sketch her favourite things or write sweet nothings on the shirt. You can even make a matching shirt for yourself! The best part is, it’s handmade by you, so you know that there’s nothing like it.

  • Photos

A picture says a thousand words. Is your girl a fan of professional photoshoots? Treat your girl to a half-day makeover and photoshoot session that will surely make her feel like an instant star! With this gift, she will have her own team of dedicated professionals on hand to give her a perfect look and capture her at her best. At the end day, you’ll be able to choose your favourite photograph of hers to keep.

  • Confession of love

From an exquisite act of saying you love her, let’s move on to something less lavish, yet still gets your romantic message across. Start the day with the confession of love by writing those three special words on her breakfast. Either add a note or write it on her toast. It’s a cute and quirky way to remind her of your love.

  • Gag gifts

Who doesn’t like a man with a sense of humour? Send some laughter her way with witty and totally entertaining puzzles. Choose from sudoku set for some brain exercise or a joke book loaded with laughs for an instant pick-me-upper! This hilarious novelty gift will surely work wonders whenever she needs a bit of cheering up.

  • Snuggle-bun

Please give her a new snuggling partner while you are away. No, we are not talking about another man! Get her a gigantic fleece blanket with sleeves. Perfect for getting cosy, the Slanket is designed to keep your body warm while allowing you to make use of your hands. It is a gift that will always remind her of you and make her miss your warm touch on those cold, lonely nights.

If she is a chocolate lover, order chocolates online and impress her sweet tooth. These are just a couple of ideas among the many more to make a marvellous gift for the woman of your dreams. Put in the creativity to think of some fantastic gifts and sway her off her feet. Make every day special with small yet mindful gestures.


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