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Sharing a Bed: How to Actually Get Some Sleep

By Cristiana , in Health , at June 15, 2020

Nearly a quarter of couples sleep apart at least some of the time.

Sharing a bed can be a beautiful and intimate experience, but if you’re not getting enough sleep it can be a nightmare.

There are a whole host of reasons why sharing your sleeping space may not be working for you.

Read on as we look at some tips for how to actually get some sleep.

Deal With Noise

One of the biggest issues that couples have when sharing a bed is the noise that their partner makes. There are a number of causes of excessive bedtime noise.


Snoring is a problem that has ruined the sleep of millions of long-suffering partners.

What makes it worse is that your partner is fast asleep whilst you can’t reach the same state due to all their noise. There are things you can do, however.

The first is to try to find the cause of the snoring. There are a number of health conditions that may be causing the snoring; if these can be treated, the issue may go away. There are also over-the-counter medications that can help.

If you can’t find a way to stop it, try investing in some earplugs.

Grinding Teeth

Grinding teeth is another sound that can keep you awake at night.

Once again, there may be underlying causes for this problem. Stress and anxiety can often be the root cause.

If treating the causes doesn’t work, you can try using a mouth guard which should stop the problem. If you think this might help you, check out this mouth guard for grinding teeth.

Individual Sheets

Another cliche about sharing your bed is the partner who steals all the sheets.

There is a fairly simple solution to this problem, however. You can purchase individual sheets and comforters for your bed, which means you both have your own set. No matter how much your partner tosses and turns, you’ll still be toasty and warm.

Different Bedtimes

Another reason that some couples struggle to sleep when sharing a bed is that they make the mistake of going to be at the same time.

Some people are early risers, others are night owls. If you don’t match your partner, by going to bed at the same time, at least one of you is going to struggle to get to sleep.

There’s no harm in going to bed at different times to each other if it helps you both to sleep.

The Most Important Thing When Sharing a Bed

If you’re sharing a bed and not getting enough sleep, the most important thing you can do is talk about it.

Your partner may not even realize that there is a problem. Talk it through and the chances are you will be able to find a solution that works for everyone. If the worst comes to the worst, there’s no harm in sleeping apart if it means you both get some shuteye.

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