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Selling Online Courses Using Webinars

By Adam Clark , in Education , at February 5, 2021 Tags:

If you use social media, you must have seen the ads where course creators keep on asking you to sign up for a free/ paid webinar. There is a lot to gain with the webinar. As per the published data, 73% of marketers believe that it’s one of the best channels to generate leads for your online course business. It makes perfect sense as well.

Let’s Understand Why Webinars Are The Best Channel to Sell Your Online Course

Through a webinar, you can easily connect with your audience Live. The audience can hear & see you as you speak. You can present them a topic, teach them online while taking doubts as well. It’s far more effective than an online email sequence that we can easily ignore. If you have this ability to connect with your audience, you would be able to sell your courses more effectively.

“Webinars are certainly the best lead-gen tools. They have worked pretty well for us. They are quite cost-effective. And, once you have figured out a reliable process, you can scale your webinar with ease.” says one of the Spayee’s course creators, an online course platform.

Selling Online Courses Using Webinars

Part 1: Research Your Audience

Irrespective of what you are trying to market, a successful campaign wouldn’t happen without an understanding of your audience. Hence, it’s a good idea to know and build your customer persona before you proceed further.

Just so you know, a customer persona is an ideal representation of your target audience. If you are yet to do it, begin now. Get into the head of your ideal customer, discover their pain points and learn about their goals.

Your customer persona is something you refer to while planning out your online marketing campaign. It’s also of absolute importance to consider why people aren’t buying from you, it could be because you aren’t targeting the right people.

The reason why your online course isn’t selling could be:

  • They don’t believe that the course could address their pain points.
  • They believe in your course but they don’t think it’s for them.
  • Some external factor is holding them back.

Part 2: Turn a Warm Lead Into a Piping Hot Prospect

Course creators who use webinars to sell online courses have a unique keywords approach to selling. However, they usually follow a similar framework.

Majority of experts have shared their frameworks through expensive online courses. Here is how the webinar formula usually works:

  • Start with your origin story. In the introduction phase, talk about who you are and a bit of your background. Your story should be able to establish your expertise & make yourself relatable. This generally does follow a kind of a novice to the expert story that touches an emotional chord.
  • Your vehicle framework. In the next section, you should talk about how you discovered the secrets of the topic. Talk about your work, experience, struggle & achievements within the topic. This would give context to the value your course provides.
  • Testimonials of success. Show your learners what the past learners have to say about the course. Inspire your audience with the case studies of your students.
  • Discuss their external beliefs. If you have done proper research, you might know all about the top external doubts that hold your audience back from taking an action. External limitations are about the learners’ end goal.
  • Make your convincing close. This is the concluding section of your webinar. Here, you must sell the value of your course. Show them around. Give them a feel for your course. Giving them a sneak peek would help you grow curiosity among them. This is the part where you share all the time-sensitive bonuses which would get them to purchase.

In a nutshell, that’s the formula course creators follow!

Create a connection with the attendees & establish why your course is different. Finally, knock away the things that might be holding them back from purchasing the course.


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