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Needs and Features of Quikr Clone Script Development

By Adam Clark , in Technology , at January 28, 2021 Tags: , ,

Quikr clone app is getting famous day by day. It is a convenient product that can help clients get an app similar to Quikr. Quikr is basically a classified app, an evolved version to the traditional classified methods that generally included newspapers. 

If you are also looking after quikr clone development, then this article is a must-read for you. The article will educate the readers about how quikr clone script development can help you fulfil the requirements of an app like Quikr.

Features of Quikr Clone Script Development

Important features to consider in Quikr Clone Development-


It is the foremost step that is required once the user downloads the app. The user needs to select an available username and create a password that will be required for the future logins.


After the users have successfully registered the app, the next thing that the user is required to do is to sign-in. Make sure that the sign-in process is easy and quick. 

Post ads:

After the users have successfully signed in, the user should be easily able to post ads. For this, it should be ensured that the app boasts a user-friendly interface. The more user-centric your app will be, the more will be its following.

Toggle ads:

This feature is for the users who are looking for a particular product on the classified app. Users should be able to easily toggle between various products that are available on the online platform with ease.


Another feature that holds great relevance in the classified app is ‘filters’. Filters allow the user to get personalized search results. 


Ensure that you focus on adding categories in the quikr clone script development. The category will not only keep the contents in the app organized but will also aid in doing smooth searches. 

In-app chat:

In-app chat option is also a great feature that should be considered during app development. In-app chat options let the user connect with each other and build trust before undergoing any deal or agreement. 

Create a profile:

This feature is all about creating the users’ profile. Once a user has registered and signed in into the app, the user should be able to create, edit and update profile without any hassle. 

Need for Quikr Clone Script Development


Quikr clone script development is preferred by clients and developers for many reasons. Not only does it help the developer to create a classified app in a detailed manner, but also reduces the efforts. 

Moreover, the clone scripts that are used at the time of development are usually oriented from a tried and tested platform. It increases the chances of success of your classified app.


Now when you have understood the need for quikr clone app development and the important features, the step that follows is to Hire Quikr Clone Script Developer.

Amongst the many app development companies that are available in the market, searching out the ideal one can be a difficult task. However, if you are serious about getting a classified app, then conducting research on the internet and an intense background check can help you drastically for the purpose. Hurry up and book your seat now!


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