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iOS14 – Customers are happy, Developers are in a rage

By Cristiana , in Technology , at November 25, 2020 Tags: , ,

With Apple’s latest release of iOS-14 on September 16, 2020, iPhone users are all excited to explore all the beautifully designed new features.

The best thing about this release is that ‘Widgets’ are now available for iPhone users – finally.

How iOS14 is pleasing the customers?

The new iOS 14 is packed with the latest set of features, new apps, new designs, and a comfortable user experience.

§  The all-new Home screen design – Widgets Loaded

The latest iOS brings an attractive home screen design for its users. Apple claims at that ‘this is the biggest UI change in their operating system since its first launch’.

So, what has really changed?

The UI (User Interface) changes are the most noteworthy changes for any user. And with the widgets being loaded into the OS for the first time (first time for Apple users), the old look of square icons for apps that were limited in a grid is now gone. Now the Apple users can have a custom home screen design with a ‘neat and sharp look’.

These widgets can be accessed just like Android, whenever you install a new app, you can see its widget available in the ‘add new widget’ section. Also, the customization of size and shape of the widgets give a whole new feel to the Apple users.

The new smart stack feature uses ‘on-device intelligence’ to bring on top the apps/widgets that you may need depending upon your location, time, and your schedules. Android had the widgets for so long but this feature of surfacing the widgets as per requirements is still not there. On the other hand, Apple has engineered the widgets in such a smart way that users can not complain. When you are at work, you won’t need Social media widgets and therefore the smart stack feature will surface the most important apps you need at the workplace like notes, reminders, calendar, files, and many more.

§  Application Library

This new feature is similar to the ‘auto-merge folders’ in android but with many advanced algorithms. Now the Apple users don’t need to worry about piling up the home-screen with useful apps, instead, this smart iOS will manage it for you. With the app library integrated into the new iOS, now you just need to add your favorite apps in the library once, and similar to the smart stack feature (using the ‘on-device intelligence) this library will make the necessary apps available to the user.

§  You can finally get rid of the SAFARI now

For the first time, in iOS14, Apple lets you use your favorite web browser as a default browser. This is a big change for Apple users. Till now, all the searches and browsing queries were automatically directed to Apple’s default web-browser Safari. But now if someone wants to use ‘Google Chrome’, it can be set as the default browser and it will simply operate just like Safari. Although it is a bit against Apple’s usual practice of keeping everything premium for its users but looking at the latest trends and user’s customization demands, Apple finally allowed it.

What happened with the app developers?

There are many more new features and customization options in this new iOS, but we are now more interested in how Apple disappointed the developers. Usually, Apple gives a prior notice (at least 7 days) before releasing their OS update, but this year, since everything is new, Apple decided to surprise the developers and just on a fine random day – launched the update. This caused many problems for app developers. Many app developers were in the middle of their app designing and with the sudden release, the App store wasn’t ready and the new apps that were being developed could not be submitted. These developers were mostly 3rd party developers, but they have contributed largely to the app store. On the day of iOS14 release, it was a bittersweet situation – Sweet for the users and Bitter for the developers.

Precautions for future

One important lesson that the app developers and the app development services providing companies need to draw from this event is that they need to be prepared for such happenings in the future as well. With the increased unpredictability, mobile app development services are now being updated to handle such situations. Many mobile app development companies like Sky Potential, Utility, Cubix, etc. are now advising their developers to devise a mechanism that can be instantly optimized to be integrated with the upcoming Operating systems.

While Apple allowed other web browsers, it also restricted one specific browser

What was so special about this specific browser that Apple had to restrict it?

Well, this browser could bypass the restrictions of the App Store and let the users access Apple’s competitor’s –Google’s online streaming games, known as Google Stadia. The reason for this action seems quite clear but let’s investigate this issue a little more.

Apple’s perspective – Restricting the breach

Apple declared in one of its statements that they do not want to discourage the creative developers but since the browser could breach the guidelines set by the App Store, it could further cause any security breaches and ultimately users might have faced some serious security issues.

Because Apple takes its security very seriously, they also defined how this could cause a security malfunction by explaining that the browser was using Bluetooth privacy to be confined to one app which could make the device vulnerable to many forms of cyber-attacks.

Furthermore, Apple described that this browser was not streamlined with the Application Programming Interface. Since cloud streaming was also made available by Apple for its users, the first case of its misuse has been observed.

Many users, who wanted to use the Google Stadia, are a little upset, but they need to understand the security concerns that Apple has for its users. Not necessarily everyone is prone the viruses and security breaches, but one such case is enough to downgrade the long haul premium, state-of-the-art security of Apple.



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