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Top Tips for Choosing the Right Barcode Scanner for Your Business

By Cristiana , in Business Technology , at February 28, 2023

Have you ever bought something from a shop and the checkout takes forever because the barcode won’t scan? There are a few things that can be more frustrating!

Chances are, it’s an issue with the barcode scanner rather than the barcode. What happens if you also need to use barcode scanning systems for your business?

This guide will show you the top tips to choose the best barcode scanner for your company’s needs.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Environment

You have to first consider where you’ll primarily need to scan barcodes. The previous example of a shop is rather pleasant. But what if you’re scanning barcodes in a warehouse or factory?

In such environments, your barcode scanner can get easily damaged. Make sure you choose one that’s more durable.

It might even be better to choose a barcode scanning app in this situation.

Other Types of Barcode Scanners

Apart from apps, there are different types of barcode scanners that you should consider.

The first type is handheld barcode scanners. This is ideal for retail environments.

Next, you want to look at portable scanners. These are ideal for retail stores, warehouses, and factories. If your factory has an assembly line, then it’s best to use a fixed-mount scanner.

Wireless scanners work using Wi-Fi and can be used in any environment. You can also opt for a wearable scanner that works for any environment. This latter option is great if you have to move around to your place of business for scanning.

Features of a Barcode Scanner

Lastly, you want to look at the features that you can get when choosing a great barcode scanner.

The first consideration is the battery life. If you work in a warehouse, you often can’t get away with a barcode scanner that has a weaker battery. You’ll have to scan the goods as they come and go.

You need to be as efficient as possible so you’ll need greater battery life. Weaker battery life works for retail environments.

Often, you can enter barcode information in your retail system when the scanner doesn’t work. Make sure you also research the software compatibility of your barcode scanner.

Some barcode scanners can adapt to software upgrades. Others won’t and you’ll need to buy a new barcode scanner altogether.

It might take you some time to find the ideal barcode scanner for your needs. Don’t hesitate to test out different barcode scanners before you find the right one for your company.

Choose Your Barcode Scanner

Now you know what makes a great barcode scanner and our tips for choosing one.

The first consideration is your environment. Some environments demand durable barcode scanners. In such scenarios, you might want to use an app instead.

Make sure you understand the types of barcode scanners. This helps you decide which are the best ones for your type of business.

Consider all the additional features of a barcode scanner before you make your purchase.

You can find even more great tips on technology for your business on our website. Don’t forget to scan through our articles!


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