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Must things one should know when applying for jobs in Dubai

By Adam Clark , in Education , at January 29, 2021 Tags:

Many people are looking for a job in Dubai and the major reason behind that is the tremendous growth of the industries there. Dubai is definitely one of the top destinations for ex-pat job seekers as per research and hence people are always looking for a job opportunity there.

There are many recruitment agencies in Dubai that make people aware of the job openings. There are job profiles available in diverse domains and hence people with any educational qualification and any expertise look for a job there.

But here are a few things that one must keep in mind when they are looking for a job in Dubai:

  • Plenty of people are looking for jobs in Dubai because the job market there has plenty of opportunities and they can offer jobs to people possessing different talents. But finding a relevant job in Dubai can take some time and of course some effort. One might have to seek services of the professional recruitment agencies as well or one has to go through all the job sites that are available in UAE. There are many walk-in opportunities as well which one can attend as per recommendations. And for that one needs to be prepared when they arrive in Dubai.
  • One must do some homework before they start job hunting in Dubai. One has to be aware of the demographics, economy, and living standards there along with the corporate culture before landing a job there. It is a good idea to look for some reliable reviews so that one can be sure about the basic living expenses there. One must never forget that Dubai is a multilingual market and so people from multicultural backgrounds stay and work there. Hence the job market is extensively diverse there.
  • Apart from being aware of the current economic conditions in the job market one also needs to stay updated about the visa policies and employment there. There can be some alterations that can keep happening in the labor and employment laws in Dubai and one has to keep a track of that.
  • In Dubai, one can look for job opportunities in various sectors. The sectors that are blooming are procurement, finance, marketing, hospitality, construction, telecom, tourism, operations, and more. One has to polish their resume as per their expertise and then apply for the job profiles they are meant to. This can increase their chances of getting hired. Taking an updated CV to the interview venue and uploading them to proper job portals can help one to get the right job placements in Dubai.
  • One must not hesitate to attend the walk-in interviews there. Many companies host several open walk-in interviews and peer interviews, and there are specific requirements for each role. So be prepared with peer interview questions because if that matches one’s skills, attending to those is a good idea.

One can keep looking for new jobs in Dubai through online job portals even sitting in a different country if they want to secure a job before landing there.


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