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How to Qualify for Low Income Free Phones

By Cristiana , in Business , at August 17, 2021

The Federal Lifeline Assistance Program is an initiative by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) launched in the 1980s. Its objective was to help low-income Americans stay connected by offering landline discounts. When cell phones emerged, the program partnered with select companies to provide free government cell phones to its beneficiaries. With that, you can now enjoy low income cell service Oklahoma-based and other states for text, call, or data services freely.

How to Qualify

There’s a criterion for being a beneficiary. Here are the three major qualifying features.

  1. Qualify through income
  2. Qualify through government assistance programs
  3. Household limit

The criteria may differ from one state to the next. However, some conditions will qualify you despite the state you’re in, considering that this is a government-regulated program.

Qualifying through Income

The program considers everyone who earns 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines or below. The amount depends on some factors and reflects the total earnings in your household. For example, if you live alone, you must prove that you’re making less than $12,760 yearly. Any additional household member increases your limit by $4,480 annually, meaning it’s an advantage if you have a big family.

However, it comes with another condition, since the program factors in the total earnings of every household member, including dependents. That includes both taxable and non-taxable income like salaries, wages, lottery winnings, child and spousal support, social security, gifts, grants, and more.

Qualifying Via Other Government Aids

You may qualify automatically if you or any member of your household is a participant in any government benefits programs since that proves your income level is low. These include:

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance
  • Medicaid
  • Tribal-specific programs
  • Veterans Pension

Household Limit

The program dictates that a household can only have one Lifeline cell phone. As a result, you won’t qualify if any member of your home has already benefitted. Similarly, you can’t transfer the Lifeline service, and the program doesn’t allow a household to own a Lifeline cell phone from different service providers.

Lifeline service is an excellent way to stay connected even when you can’t afford to purchase and maintain a mobile phone. Check with your state to confirm if you qualify and start your application process.

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