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How Satellite Phones Work

By Cristiana , in Technology , at July 15, 2021

Sat Phones (satellite phones) can give you excellent connectivity where no other phone can. They receive signals from powerful satellites orbiting the earth. As such, you can use these phones on the surface, above, and under the surface conveniently.

Although they are very convenient, sat phone costs can be prohibitive to most people who would like to use them. However, you can make arrangements to either purchase or rent them conveniently from established service providers. You can get sat phones that you can carry around conveniently or fix accordingly depending on how best you want them to serve you.

How Sat Phones Work

Satellite phones have features that are similar to what most smartphones have. The major difference may be that Sat Phones are heavier than regular smartphones. The GPS feature in smartphones is not what a satellite phone is all about.

The global positioning satellite (GPS) in your smartphone has only one role. Its role is to help you find the location of something you are looking for or help others locate you. It cannot help you place calls- the network provider is responsible for this feature.

Sat phones, on the other hand, can send messages and make calls. You can also use them to receive communication. They do not depend on communication towers that providers and authorities set up on the ground. As such, Sat Phones work outside the radar that controls the regular cellular network.

Sat Phone Costs

The initial cost of acquiring a satellite phone is relatively high. Providers will also bill you on a per-minute basis, and the charges are high too in the long run. However, a good provider will make various rental options available for the convenience of any customer who would prefer lower charges. They also provide convenient prepaid and post-paid packages. Although Sat phone costs are high, the convenience they offer is unmatched.

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