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How To Make Your Own E-juice Effortlessly

By Cristiana , in Health , at December 21, 2022

While vaping isn’t harmless, it is less harmful than cigarettes. You can control how much nicotine you take in, and the second-hand vapor smells inoffensive thanks to customizable flavors. If you decide to make your own e-juice, you can tailor fit your experience even further. But how do you do it?

Ingredients List

Vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol should be easy to come by as they are not controlled substances. Vegetable glycerine is used to make big puffy clouds of vapor, and propylene glycol is necessary for flavor enhancement and the texture of vapor upon inhaling it.

Find your favorite flavor concentrate, or play mad scientist and mix two. While it might be tempting to make your flavor additives from foods in your home, for safety’s sake you should stick flavorings made specifically for this purpose.

You can have an excellent, flavorful vapor without adding liquid nicotine. However, if it’s the entire point of your vaping experience, you might want to check your local laws to ensure it’s legal for you to possess and in what quantities.

Required Equipment

Safety first! Make sure you have a set of latex or nitrile gloves to wear when handling the chemicals. You should also wear long sleeves and pants. Nicotine can be absorbed by your body if it’s dropped on bare skin, so it’s best to cover up to prevent an overdose. Keep paper towels or disposable rags handy in case of spills.

So there’s no cross-contamination with food, you might want to buy new bowls and measuring cups specifically for this project. As some ingredients require minute measurements, syringes are helpful in getting the quantity exact.

If you’re making e-juice to sell or for your personal use, make sure you have the right bottles and vape cartridge packaging beforehand. Proper storage prevents spilling and contamination.

Prep Work

Some people like a smoother vape, so they cut out propylene glycol entirely. Others prefer a half-and-half mixture with vegetable glycerine. One person might like a nicotine-heavy inhale while others want a lighter experience. Figure out portions beforehand rather than “guestimating” on the fly. Consult existing recipes rather than reinventing the wheel and always double-check your nicotine concentration to ensure you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Make sure that you not only have a secure working space where children or animals can’t get in the middle of your project but a safe place to store ingredients and mixtures before and after as well.

Now Mix

In a non-porous container, you will want to mix your vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol first, then add your flavoring. When it comes to your vegetable glycerine/propylene glycol mix to flavoring ratio, start on the low side if you’re not sure of the strength and quality of your concentrate, and then work your way up on subsequent batches once you get a feel for it. Add the nicotine last and then mix well to ensure everything is equally dispersed.

You have officially made your own e-juice. You can bottle and use it immediately, or set the mixture aside somewhere safe to mature for a week. No matter your preference, your vaping experience will be all the more enjoyable for having made it yourself!


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