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How a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center Helps Battle Substance Abuse and Mental Health

By Cristiana , in Health , at May 13, 2022

Suffering from an addiction is hard enough with having to suffer from a mental health issue as well. Most people don’t realize that you have to combat both to break the addiction cycle effectively. When people have cognitive conditions such as anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or depression, you can find that they self-medicate to cope with crippling behaviors or thoughts that they can’t seem to shake. 

Many people with issues like bipolar disorder or other mood disorders feel like a battle is going on inside their minds every day, and they think that there is no way to silence it. As such, more people are turning to alternative methods. The problem with this is that you’re not solving your problem. Instead, you are creating a larger one that can cause life-long damage. However, you can get help. 

Look into a dual diagnosis treatment center, and you’ll see that they know precisely how to help you. 

Treatment Centers Look At Both Issues Equally 

With a regular treatment center, the focus is on your addiction. However, that changes when you have a mental condition that needs to be addressed. The reasoning for that is that solving one issue isn’t enough. For instance, if you have depression or another issue and are using drugs to help combat that, and the treatment center puts the sole focus on your addiction, you’ll still be struggling with the underlying mental issue that you have. That won’t automatically go away because you’ve stopped using drugs. 

Stopping the abuse will help you of course, but it won’t heal you entirely. You need to address the underlying mental issue so that your mind and body can recover from both. Helping you heal from your mental condition in this example will solve the underlying problem of why you decided to use it in the first place. 

How A Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center Addresses Both Issues 

With a dual diagnosis treatment center, you will experience a level of structure and routine that you don’t currently have. With inpatient treatment, you will experience a highly stylized level of care and therapy sessions that include one-on-one and family therapy. This is an essential factor as your family can have a more severe effect on your addiction than you think they do. As such, their existence if your recovery process can prove vital.

You’ll also be put in touch with past traumas and understand your motivation behind your addiction. While in many cases, it can be for the reasons we’ve already described, it could also be because of trauma or a host of other issues. As such, you learn about your past here without having to relive it in the future. In addition to this, you gain a stronger sense of how to move past these issues.

It Helps Change The Way You Think 

One element of choosing to enter into a dual diagnosis center is how it helps you change the way you think. During this type of treatment, your thought processes and cognitive behaviors will change as you begin to achieve your goals and work to create a better life for yourself. Throughout this process, nothing is held back. 

You’re taking a deep look inside yourself to regain who you were before the addiction so that you can emerge into the person you want to be once you’ve completed treatment. As a result, the therapy will push you when you need to be pushed while being a guide when you feel like everything is too much. While this is a difficult time, it will help you gain a better future.

Healing Can Start Now 

When you are ready to move away from the vice grip of addiction, choose to enter into a dual diagnosis treatment center. You’ll become a stronger person with a caring staff who knows how to treat both of your issues. It may be a frightening thought to change your life, but you’ll be better off when you are not fighting demons day in and day out. Through a dual diagnosis treatment center, the battle in your mind becomes quieter, and when it doesn’t, you have the tools to get past it and live your life the way you need to. 

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