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Does DoorDash Background Check Their Drivers Before Hiring Them?  

By Cristiana , in Business , at June 10, 2022

DoorDash has always done background checks on candidates before giving them access to the platform. The company also carries out recurring background checks on its existing employees.

You shouldn’t have issues becoming a Dasher if your record is clean. Other than that, DoorDash job applicants must be of legal age, own an Android or iPhone smartphone, and hold a valid driver’s license.

Like almost all delivery apps, the DoorDash background check is almost the same as a Lyft or Postmates background check.

Independent Contractors are Scrutinized

The company scrutinizes the background of its independent contractors, basing the employment decision on whether you pass. They use a third-party provider to carry out safe and secure screenings of potential delivery persons.

Of course, you will be asked to provide legal consent before the check. Most candidates move into the next stage of the recruitment process seamlessly.

Fair and Objective

If any adverse findings surface, they’ll notify you. You will also have access to the results of the background check. You can dispute any negative information that you believe is incorrect within 30 days.

The Purpose of the Screening

The background check procedure looks for criminal offenses registered at federal, state, and county levels. In cases where someone moved to another state or county after committing a crime, the action will still appear in the screening.

Most importantly, the screening probes into the motor vehicle records database to check for incidences like driving under the influence. It looks for accidents, stoplight tickets, driving without insurance, speeding tickets, and drug-related traffic violations.

Once hired, DoorDash will continue to monitor your background. It’s essential to maintain a spotless record in these areas after your employment commences.

Can You Be Disqualified?

A background check by DoorDash can disqualify you for several reasons. These include a DUI stop, felony convictions or other criminal behavior, drug or alcohol problems, and three or more moving violations.

The Extent of the Screening

If a crime was committed over a decade ago, will it still show up? DoorDash limits its criminal background checks to a period of seven years, but felonies are an exception to the rule. Other than that, criminal record systems don’t have a statutory period like credit checks.

So how far back does the check go? It is at their discretion if they disqualify someone based on an event in the distant past. The platform is ultimately concerned about what that kind of history could reveal in terms of road safety. Their checks in the DMV database only go three years back. Drug-related crimes and DUIs are an exception. These go seven years back. If more have passed, you’re in the clear.

The Process of the Background Check

To finish the background check as fast as possible, you must submit the documents needed to DoorDash and give them permission to look into your history. They need the following information to complete the check:

  • Full name
  • Social Security number
  • Date of birth

The process starts once you make it available. To complete the background check as soon as possible, take the time to ensure you filled out your DoorDash application correctly. It would help if you gave your full legal name as it appears on your ID documents.

How Long Does It Take to Get Results?

On average, candidates complete DoorDash screenings in a week. It can take as little as three days or as much as ten. Every situation is different. If you have lived in many places, it might take longer as they will look at each address. It takes more time to run multiple county searches.

The criminal history screening can take a long time, depending on the job location. Different counties handle checks at varying speeds. Anything detected will slow the procedure down.

Your state determines the speed of the DMV. Some states take over a week to generate results, while others take far less.


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