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Brain Stimulation: How to Discover New Music and Stay Focused

By Cristiana , in General , at May 14, 2023

Research has found that 90% of people are more productive when listening to music, which shows its power. 

Discovering new tunes is a great way to stay stimulated while expanding your musical horizon. But with so much new music out there, where do you start?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, we’ll break it down for you. Here’s how to discover new music. 

Use the Music Discovery Feature 

Whether you love classic rock or hip-hop, you can discover new music by using the music discovery feature on your favorite streaming platform.

This works with heavy hitters like Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal. The beauty of this is it records your music taste and uses that to recommend similar music. You can also filter it into different genres, artists, and playlists.   

Spotify users can the Smart Shuffle feature to mix new songs into their library. Because it slowly introduces you to music, it’s great for music lovers who can feel overwhelmed by the onslaught of new material.  

Read Music Blogs 

Get in the habit of reading music blogs because it’ll help you stay on track with the latest album drops. You’ll also be surprised at how much you’ll learn about your preferred genre.

Aside from publications, forums like Reddit are a treasure trove of tracks, as long as you’re specific. Simply enter your desired genre and groups will come up. For instance, rap lovers should visit r/HipHopHeads while metalheads will love r/Metal.  

Listen to Music Podcasts

In a similar vein, you can find new artists or albums by listening to music podcasts. Aside from listening to the latest tunes, hosts will deep-dive into the music, so you learn more about the artist and their work. Although it will depend on your taste, popular podcasts include ‘Lost Notes’, ‘Dissect’, and ‘Popcast’. 

Use “Best Of” Lists

Regardless of the types of music you listen to, “Best Of” lists are your best friend. You can even find ones specifically for boosting concentration. Or, if you study best by listening to a certain artist, Google “best of (enter your desired band or singer)” and instantly grow your library. 

Get Inspired With Social Media

Ask your social media followers whether they have any music recommendations, especially if you have Instagram or Facebook. It’s wise to check out music-based groups on the latter and listen to what users are posting. 

You can also use hashtags like #newmusic or #nowmusic on Twitter to get a lead. And you can’t forget to check out the latest songs trending on TikTok so you stay in the know.   

How to Discover New Music

Now you know how to discover new music, it’s time to start crate digging. 

There are many methods to take on board, such as using the Music Discovery feature and getting inspired by social media. Music lovers should also read music blogs and podcasts to find the best tunes for staying focused. Good luck with your search!  

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