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A King with The Crown: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. And His Rolex Datejust

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Dr Martin Luther King Jr. is a divine personality and icon of American history. The Reverend fought against the racial differentiation within the country and motivated the upcoming generations with his memorandum of tolerance, equality, and peace.

His words stimulate similar power even today as they did when first heard half a century ago. His words were the voices of the powerless people who were not being listened to. Today, let’s recall Dr Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy and explore his Rolex Datejust Reference 1601.

The Lasting Legacy

Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 15, 1929, in Atlanta, Georgia. He already allured people by the time he was in high school with his praiseworthy oratory. In fact, he won several contests for public speaking and formed a part of many debate clubs.

However, Martin Luther King Jr. followed the footsteps of his father. He attended the academy and graduated with a B. Division degree in 1951. Later, he pursued a PhD from Boston University in systematic theology in 1955.

Interestingly, a protest on December 1, 1955, transformed Dr Martin Luther King Jr. into a leading voice. Police arrested Rosa Parks in Montgomery, Alabama because she did not leave her seat in the bus for a white-skin passenger. Eventually, Africans-Americans started a state-wide boycott of the public transport system in the pursuit of equal rights.

E.D. Nixon was the fellow campaigner to instigate the protest, and Dr King directed it. This protest lasted for about 385 days and ended with isolation on all Montgomery buses. However, Dr King became a national figure in the civil rights movement.

Interestingly, Dr Martin Luther King adopted nonviolence principles that Mahatma Gandhi embraced in his fight against British Raj in India. So Dr King aimed not to overpower his opponents but instead to bring about reunion. He even advised his acolytes to accept suffering without retaliating. He believed that justice will always win.

The Reverend Dr Martin Luther King Jr. quoted –

The believer in nonviolence has deep faith in the future. He knows that in his struggle for justice, he has cosmic companionship. There is a creative force in this universe that works to bring the disconnected aspects of reality into a harmonious whole.

Martin Luther King And His Rolex Datejust

What accompanied this iconic leader throughout his life is the Rolex Datejust 1601. This watch is crafted of yellow gold and features a fluted bezel and a champagne dial. It also sported a matching Jubilee bracelet. The classic and practical Datejust 1601 was a favourite watch of choice among many leaders.

However, Rolex unleashed the Datejust collection in 1945. This model has been a proud companion of many influential and notable personalities, including British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and President D. Eisenhower.

According to Rolex, Dr Martin Luther King Jr. is one of the most outstanding leaders in its illustrious and long history. In 2013, the brand featured him in an advertising campaign, along with dignitaries from the worlds of sports, cinema and art.

It’s no surprise to see Swiss watchmakers fighting against ill-treatment. They were steadfast during the Second World War while supporting the Allied forces fighting against fascist armies. It was undoubtedly a bold move if you consider how Nazi surrounded the country on each border.

So the Swiss watch companies’ coherence matched with Dr Martin Luther King Jr., and it is obvious for them to admire him. Rolex recognised Dr King as the world’s true hero with unwavering beliefs.

Key Features of Rolex Datejust 1601

The Rolex Datejust 1601 enjoyed production run from 1959 to 1977. The watch features 36mm case in either stainless steel or solid gold and 18ct or 14ct fixed or fluted bezel.

Moreover, Reference 1601 is available in two bracelet choices – Jubilee or Oyster. The Datejust 1601 versions are powered by either Calibre 1575 or Calibre 1565.

An Enduring Symbol of Peace & Equality

The ‘March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom’ gathered 250,000 crowds in front of the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 1963. And Dr King’s speech cemented his name among the finest orators of all time.

1964, Dr Martin Luther King Jr. was the youngest ever receiver of the Noble Peace Prize. However, only after four years, bullet of an assassin in Memphis cut Dr King’s life short. Nonetheless, people can still feel his strong influence today.

During the racial turmoil in the world, he stood up and fought for equality for all society members. Dr Martin Luther King Jr. inspired the world with his beliefs, becoming a true American hero. He instigated the thoughts through his words and ignited a fire in people’s mind that altered the way Americans stand for equality forever.

This Reverend refined the lives and brought hopes to countless people. He will always remain as a symbol of bravery, love and equality. And Rolex feels proud of accompanying this dynamic personality through their iconic Datejust 1601 watch on his wrist.


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