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7 Midnight Celebration Plans For Your Dear Ones

By Cristiana , in Lifestyle , at February 13, 2021 Tags: , ,

Midnight celebrations have become a customary ritual. On every occasion, people plan midnight parties to surprise their dear ones. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Baby Shower and for all other events, midnight celebrations are planned. If you too are looking for some midnight celebration plans, read the below pointers carefully.


  • Balloon Surprise: This is a fun surprise in which you can engage your entire family members. It will be quite an interesting activity for everyone. If you have kids at home, they will love putting this balloon surprise to action.
  • Ask everyone from the family to write down messages on chits.
  • Make confetti from coloured papers
  • Decorate the balloon with glitters. Blow the balloon, apply glue on the bottom area, and spread glitter on it. Let it dry.
  • Now, stuff chits, confetti, sparkles, and candies into the balloon.
  • Hang them in clusters or individually from the fan or ceiling.
  • At midnight, the balloon when the person enters the room for whom the surprise is planned.


  • Cake Surprise: Every celebration is best celebrated with a cake. Cake cutting ceremonies are a ritual, and midnight ones are beautiful. Firstly, make midnight cake delivery in Bangalore from a renowned bakery. You can couple a gift or a bouquet with the cake delivery from the add on options.
  • Arrange for party poppers in advance
  • Darken the room
  • Let the birthday guest of honour or the couple of the hour receive the midnight cake delivery. The surprise will leave them happy.
  • And, as soon as they enter the darkroom to open the light, start singing the birthday or anniversary song and pop open the party poppers.


  • Blindfold Surprise: You can execute this surprise for an anniversary or Valentine celebration. It is romantic as well as passionate. Use your imagination to make it a bit more interesting and intimate for your partner.
  • Decorate the room with flowers, candles, and balloons. You can also browse for decoration ideas.
  • At 12, blindfold your partner and guide him/her towards the room.
  • You can cover the passage with flowers to make the walk romantic.
  • As you enter the room, open the blindfold and see the happiness with a bit of amazement on the face.


  • Hide and Seek Surprise: A midnight surprise for your child’s birthday. Kids love surprises because of curiosity and enjoyment. This surprise will be loved by your kid because it will keep him/her on the toes. How to go about it:
  • Hide gifts in and around the house. Choose the corners wisely.
  • Then, place chits with hints inappropriate places
  • Write one chit that says, the big surprise will be revealed at 12 and till then you have to discover all the other gifts.
  • When the clock strikes 12 he or she will rush to find the gift, if unable, you can surprise him or her with the gift.


  • Gift Surprise: When you are planning to give multiple gifts to someone, you can plan this surprising idea at midnight. It’s easy peasy and will not take much of your valuable time.
  • Wrap all the gifts in the same wrapping paper
  • Blow balloons and write message cards.
  • Arrange these on the passage– gifts, cards, and balloons in a pattern
  • Choose the passage that he/she commonly uses or the balcony that leads to his/her room.
  • Make sure he/she uses that at 12 for the midnight surprise.


  • Mirror Surprise: Another midnight surprise idea for your partner. You can surprise him/her with this love-filled idea. You just need a few sticky notes and a marker pen.
  • On sticky notes, write down the messages
  • Arrange sticky notes on the mirror in your bathroom or room.
  • Place the sticky notes in a heart-shape or any other pattern.
  • At midnight, when your partner comes in front of the mirror, a lovely surprise is waiting for them.


  • A big Shout-out: If you want to plan a sentimental surprise for your dear ones, you can do it with the help of your friends and family members. Guide them properly because you do not want to ruin the surprise
  • Gather all the family members exactly at 12
  • Tell the children to shower flowers as the guest enters the room
  • Then, the family members can start with the song and wishes



Which idea did you like the most?


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