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5 Tips on Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses That Make Everyone Happy

By Cristiana , in Fashion , at January 22, 2023

You’ve chosen your bridesmaids because they are the leading ladies in your life and you could think of no one better by your side on your big day (hopefully!). Because these women are so important to you, it’s crucial that you prioritize their experience of your wedding day, too.

One of the best ways you can do this is to ensure each of your bridesmaids is as comfortable as possible in what they wear. But choosing bridesmaid dresses to suit everyone’s style, frame, and skin tone is no easy feat.

Here are a few helpful tips to guide you along the way and ensure you meet everyone’s needs and preferences.

1. What Are the Major No-Nos?

One of the best places to start is to sit down with your bridesmaids and take note of what’s completely off-limits when it comes to their particular bridesmaid dress. Whether it’s a hard no for a strapless dress, something fitted, or a certain type of material, it’s important to honor these no-nos.

Once you’ve recorded what they don’t want in a dress, take some time to find out the style they love, their preferred colors, and dress materials. Check out these long sleeve bridesmaid dresses if you’re planning a winter wedding!

2. Strike the Right Balance

No two bridesmaids are exactly the same. Some might be totally fine with going with the flow, i.e. happy to wear whatever you put them in. While others might want a little more say or input in what they wear. It’s important to be understanding of this as a bride.

Try to find the right balance between the different personality types by asking how much input each bridesmaid would like to give when choosing a dress. This way you know who to spend more time with so that they’re comfortable.

3. Ensure Your Bridesmaid Dresses Are Practical

This is where fittings are extremely important. While it’s not always possible to do an in-person fitting with every bridesmaid (especially if they live across the country), try to encourage them to try on their dress beforehand — where possible.

Maybe you can ship their dress to them, giving them a chance to try it on, and ensure its practicality. The last thing you want is an unnecessary nip slip on your big day! Remember to give yourself plenty of time to do this in case you need to amend the dress, or return it and order a new one.

4. When In Doubt, Size Up

If you’re facing the above scenario where a bridesmaid does not live in the same city as you, this tip is especially relevant. It’s also helpful if you plan on ordering your dresses online via a boutique, rather than having them custom-made.

Because no woman is ever the exact same size and, let’s be honest, sizing charts are completely unreliable these days, sizing up is always a good idea. If the dress is a little big, you could also pay for a simple bit of tailoring to take it in.

5. Always Consider Bras and Undies

The type of dress style you go for dictates the type of undergarments your bridesmaids will have to wear. Underwear has the power to derail the fit of a dress, too. So don’t forget to consider bras and undies and make sure each bridesmaid has the right underwear to suit your dress choice.

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Choosing bridesmaid dresses doesn’t have to be a stressful affair — remember that this is a special time in your life and will (hopefully) only get to do it once! These top tips should help everyone enjoy the experience.

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