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3 Common Horse Diseases

By Cristiana , in Health , at October 3, 2020

Properly caring for a horse can take a lot of work. They need to be fed, groomed, and exercised regularly. Signs of diseases also need to be watched for, as they are prone to certain ailments that require medical attention and extra care.

Table of Contents

1. Tetanus

Also known as lockjaw, tetanus is an incredibly serious disease. It is caused by bacteria that affects the horse’s central nervous system. The symptoms include muscle spasms, protruding eyes, high fever, and reactions to sudden noises or movement. This condition is preventable with vaccines. It can lead to death, so a qualified veterinarian should be contacted as soon as symptoms are observed. To help mitigate the cost of treatments, consider getting horse insurance to ease monetary concerns.

2. Colic

One of the common digestive issues that crop up in horses is colic. Some of the symptoms are sweating, lack of appetite, and lying down more often than usual. If the horse does not eat a proper diet or drink enough water, they can develop painful digestive problems. Untreated dental problems may contribute to the horse’s lack of eating and drinking, so make sure that teeth are cared for properly and have the symptoms check out by a professional, so they do not worsen.

3. West Nile Virus

Mosquitos can carry the West Nile virus and can transfer the disease when they bite a horse. Inflammation in the brain can occur, leading to impaired vision, fever, difficulty swallowing, or paralysis. Horses should be vaccinated against the West Nile virus and protected from mosquitos as much as possible. It is possible to treat this disease with medication, so get professional help as soon as symptoms are observed.

Horses can be wonderful animals to keep as pets. They are intelligent, strong, and graceful and have their own personalities. Anyone who owns a horse should make sure they take steps to keep it happy and healthy.


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