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How Shoppable Posts Enhance eCommerce Marketing & Sales

Many eCommerce businesses post attractive pictures on their social media pages because their target audience is there. The ultimate goal has always been to increase sales.

Traditionally the purpose of posting about a brand’s products was to direct the viewers to their eCommerce website which would lead to conversions; we all have been witness to how much eCommerce has flourished.

While influencing the potential customers to visit the website might not be giving 100% results, marketers have found another strategy to enhance the sales: Shoppable Posts.

Read the blog further to know more.

What Are Shoppable Posts?

Shoppable posts are the type of posts or content that enables the users to do quick shopping with easy transactions and opportunities to explore more.

The concept is simple: a brand would post on any social media platform with products tagged in an aesthetically pleasing photograph. Social shopping is a growing trend and most leading global brands are using social media to drive their sales through shoppable posts.

Viewers or potential customers can then view the photo and its details like the name, price, description, and more without having to leave the app.

They can make a direct purchase while staying on the app, or if they want to explore, they can visit the website with a direct shopping link available.

With the number of social media users increasing on an everyday basis, this strategy makes a lot of sense.

How Are Shoppable Posts Enhancing eCommerce Marketing And Sales?

1.    Easy To Discover Products

When users look for products on social media, they often find it difficult to find the source from where they can buy them. Even if they get to know about the website, they often lose interest by the time they reach it.

When you make your social media posts shoppable and potential customers come across them, seeing that they can not just view the price but buy it without leaving the website, they get encouraged to buy it.

2.    Bring Authenticity to Advertising

Before making any purchases online, users rely on reviews and real-life experiences. The competition is high, and online frauds keep increasing, and you need something that would make your brand stand out.

When you post pictures of your customers in the form of user-generated content on your social media page and tag the products as shoppable, you provide a shoppable feed in the form of a real-life experience. It would bring authenticity to your brand and make more potential customers trust you and purchase from you.

3.    Visuals Contribute To More Sales

Visual marketing has been a traditional method to attract an audience and increase sales. Many brands use themes like minimalism, abstract, rainbow, and others to make their feed look aesthetic.

When you display your shoppable posts in a more visually appealing manner, you encourage more potential viewers to show interest in your brand and tap on the product details, contributing to more sales.

4.    Influencer Marketing

Social media and influencers go hand-in-hand. When you want your brand to reach a certain level on social media, you collab with influencers; post content that shows influencers using your product, as the name suggests, people from your target audience will get “influenced” to buy.

One thing to consider is identifying the right influencers for your brand, the ones with an audience similar to yours, and they post things that are similar to your brand’s theme. Most importantly, they should actually like your product to sound more convincing.

5.    Easy Buying Journey

The whole process of looking for new products, finding the website link, and the steps before reaching the checkout for transaction might be a little time-consuming and tiring for customers. Brands often found their potential customers getting distracted before they reach the transaction page.

Shoppable posts become your one-stop solution in this fast-moving world where it just takes a blink of an eye to getting distracted. All you have to do is, post an aesthetically pleasing shoppable post that would be eye-catching. When potential customers see how easy it is to purchase on social media, they are likely to become your frequent buyer.

6.    Increase Engagement And Sales

Every eCommerce store has one goal, to increase engagement and sales. Shoppable posts can be your crucial as well as primary tool. Every business’s marketing strategy is growing sales & revenue. Using your social media posts as shoppable posts can help users in the thought process of making purchases online.

When interested users click on the shoppable posts, they get all the details about products and explore other products by the brand.  Not just that, shoppable tags allow a smooth buying process for the users that would have required a lot of effort and time otherwise. The overall good customer experience enhances engagement and sales.

Over To You

We come to the end of this blog, where you got to know how shoppable posts enhance eCommerce marketing and sales.

Simplify your eCommerce strategy by creating aesthetically pleasing posts or using consumer-generated content, everything to keep your audience engaged and your social media game: high.


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