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What Fans Want to Find Out in Stargirl Season 2

By Cristiana , in Entertainment , at September 20, 2020 Tags: ,

Season one of Stargirl left many mysteries unsolved, and viewers are already anxiously awaiting Stargirl Season 2. Comic book aficionados and novices alike are raving about the exciting adventures of this DC superhero, created by comic book author and executive producer Geoff Johns. Warning: season one plot points will be discussed in this article, so go watch season one on The CW’s website as soon as you can.

What Is Up With Starman?

Starman (played by Joel McHale) died in episode one of Stargirl, so fans were shocked to see him come back in the season finale. Whether Starman never died at all or was resurrected is up for debate. No one knows if the person who knocked on Pat Dugan’s door in the finale is actually Starman, either, or a look-a-like with some nefarious plans.

Why Are the Seven Soldiers MIA?

One of the few JSA survivors of the fight with the Injustice Society was Justin, the Shining Knight. When we last saw him, he left Blue Valley to find the other Seven Soldiers of Victory. However, why didn’t the Seven Soldiers find him first, especially after Starman died? Fans will have to wait until season two to see what they have been up to.

What Will Eclipso’s Role Be in Season Two?

Comic book readers were thrilled when Shiv found the jewel and said “Eclipso.” He is a deadly and well-known villain in the DC universe, so this is a major development. Eclipso has appeared in video games and animated shows but never a live-action show. Technically, anyone could be Eclipso as he can take over other people’s identities. Shiv may be eager to work with Eclipso, but comic fans know she is playing with fire.

Who Will Obtain the Rest of the JSA’s Equipment?

We have already seen Stargirl command the cosmic staff, and others received artifacts that belonged to Wildcat, Doctor Mid-Nite and Hourman. Only time will tell who will be fortunate enough to acquire the lantern battery, pen and silver hat.

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