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Win An iPhone 13 128GB By Sending Money To Ghana & Your Loved Ones Get Free Airtime Top-Up

By Jacob , in General , at September 24, 2022

Free iPhone 13 128GB with free top-up might sound like a fantasy, but it has become a reality with ACE Money Transfer and AZA Finance. Simply send money to Ghana and win your way towards the glory of getting a free phone with free airtime!

As an expatriate living in a foreign country, it may seem that the economic strain back home might take a toll on you. But how refreshing is this exclusive offer for expats from Ghana? ACE Money Transfer shows gratitude towards its customers by offering an excellent prize of four iPhone 13 (128GB) and free airtime. Read along to discover how you can become a part of this exclusive offer.

An Exclusive Chance For Ghanaian Expatriates

With 4.67 million Ghanaian expatriates worldwide, remittance seems to be prioritised in every aspect of their lives. But priorities can sometimes become tedious tasks if done in a routine. That is why ACE Money Transfer, in collaboration with AZA Finance, brings you an exciting offer for doing your routine remittance. All you need to do is follow a few steps, and you will automatically become a part of the biggest lucky draw.

  • Make A Money Transfer To Ghana Through The Ace Money Transfer.
  • Receive The Money Through AZA Finance.
  • Complete Your Transaction.

These three simple steps can make you eligible for the biggest lucky draw conducted through the efforts of ACE and AZA Finance. The prizes for this promotional offer are:

  • Four iPhone 13 – 128GB (For Senders Only)
  • Airtime Top-Up Of 10GHS (For Receivers Only)

Not Just One But Four iPhone 13 – 128GB

Do you think the biggest collaborators are presenting you with just one iPhone? This tremendous offer includes not just one but FOUR iPhone 13 – 128GB that with be distributed among not just one but four winners. This exclusivity has countless glorious winners who will receive the free airtime on receiving 1,000 or more Cedi. So, if you think you will not get lucky once, try your luck many times. The chances may be higher than you can imagine.

Dates To Be Marked!

This amazing offer is from 1st September 2022 till 30 September 2022. You may participate in this exclusive offer as many times as you want, but make sure your transfer is done from wallet to wallet. The winners will be announced in a series of lucky draws conducted on the following dates:

  • First Draw: September 12, 2022
  • Second Draw: September 19, 2022
  • Third Draw: September 26, 2022
  • Fourth Draw: October 3, 2022

Where Is The Form For This Offer?

ACE Money Transfer does not require long forms, superfluous information, or handing out trivial data. To enter, just send money to Ghana online through the ACE mobile wallet and receive it on AZA finance mobile wallet. Remitting the money from wallet-to-wallet should not be done after the mentioned dates. Make as many transfers as possible to be one of the four lucky winners.

Few Important Things To Be Kept In Mind

This Offer Is For Customers Of ACE Money Transfer And AZA Finance. Participants Must Follow The Rules To Become Eligible For This Exclusive Lucky Draw.

  • The Offer Is Only Valid For Mobile Wallet Transactions To Ghana.
  • Subject To The Company’s Terms, All Mobile Wallet Transfers Made Within The Specified Periods Will Be Automatically Included In The Lucky Draw.
  • Under Local Tax Rules, The Winner Is Liable For Any Personal, Advance Or Tax Liability Related To Benefits Won From This Campaign. As A Result, Ace Money Transfer Bears No Liability.

How Does The Cedi Top-Up Works?

Every 1,000 Cedi or more transaction will result in a 10 Cedi airtime top-up. You may make multiple entries to the draw by making transactions every day of any amount for iPhone 13 128 GB. However, the recipient has no draw for 10 Cedi Top-ups, while the minimum threshold of 1,000 Cedi applies. The Cedi top-up will only be provided to the receivers in Ghana. The senders will automatically become a part of the lucky draw to win an iPhone 13 – 128GB.

If you do not have an account on ACE Money Transfer, you can register as part of the ACE family and still participate in this amazing lucky draw as a new customer.

For more information about this exclusive offer and exceptional remittance services for quick and safe transactions, visit ACE Money Transfer’s Website.


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