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Why CBSE Schools Are Best Nowadays?

By Adam Clark , in Education , at February 10, 2021 Tags:

The Central Board of Secondary Education, also known as CBSE, is a teaching pattern accepted across the entire nation. The Union Government of India manages it. There are thousands of schools affiliated with CBSE all across the world. It is one of the highly reputed educational boards. Most of the new schools are getting affiliated with CBSE. It is becoming popular and more widely accepted and appreciated than other educational boards, in India or abroad. In the past years, CBSE has maintained its standard and integrity. It has the best evaluation pattern and has been helping students over all these years. Discussed below are several reasons why CBSE is considered better than others-


The CBSE course structure is designed to be student-friendly. It offers a combination of different subjects for the students, and they can choose whatever interests them. The books are also made intriguing by including small activities and puzzles in between the chapters to inculcate more interest in young learners’ minds. The main objective is to make study fun and burden-free. The students get to understand the essence of the concept in a better and more precise way. 

The difficulty level gradually increases with higher classes, which the students also get adjusted to as and when they go to higher classes. The CBSE curriculum and books are frequently updated, making it more suitable and innovative for the children based on the activities happening around them. Particular emphasis is laid on giving value-based learning along with other subjects. The best CBSE school in Noida, Delhi and other big cities has also eased its teaching methodology for decreasing the extra burden on the students.

Advantage in Competitive Exams

It is one of the main reasons why the number of students enrolled in CBSE is increasing. A lot of competitive exams like Joint Entrance Exam (JEE), National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), IAS, and IFS follow NCERT (National Council of Educational Research Training) books, which are recommended by CBSE schools, mostly from standard 9 to standard 12. This gives CBSE students a better advantage over others.

Examination Pattern

Two of the most crucial examinations conducted by CBSE are All India Senior Secondary Examination (AISSE), also referred to as class 10th board examination and All India Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (AISSCE) the 12th board examination. AISSE marks students with CGPA, while AISSCE gets marks based on percentage. The question papers are prepared so that the students learn from the course and can implement it in a better way. The exams are correctly conducted and also in a stress-free, friendly environment.

Emphasis on Extra-Curricular Activities

The CBSE has designed the curriculum so that the students can also take part in other activities. They are also allotted extra marks based on their participation in co-curricular activities. CBSE has also included these different activities like dance, music, and physical education as a part of their additional subjects. They also organize CBSE cluster level sports competition every year for the students. Such competitors make students more competitive and confident.

CBSE is recognized across the entire world. You can easily find the right school affiliated to this board, no matter where you go. All CBSE schools focus on the mental as well as the physical growth of the children. Their teaching pattern is simple, easy, and useful. The teaching methodology is not concise; instead, it covers a wide area of knowledge. CBSE schools are known to be the best and have certainly proven themselves in the past few years. They prepare students for their college and life beyond it.


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