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It is Smart to Invest in Buying Gold Bullion in 2021

By Cristiana , in Business , at January 30, 2021 Tags: , ,

There are many ways one can invest in gold. There are gold certificates, futures contracts, gold mining stocks, which are all non-physical forms of investment in gold, that is they are tenders or certificates that invest your money in gold. The options for investing in physical gold include buying jewelry, gold coins or bars. Gold is a secure investment form that acts as a hedge against any market uncertainty and it is always viable to have it as part of one’s investment portfolio to protect one’s funds against market upheavals. A 10-gram gold bar will fetch you greater value over the period than currency will.

Smart Way to Invest in Gold

Making an investment in gold by itself is a smart thing to do. It is old-fashioned but gold has stood the test of time and has historically proven to be the best investment option for long-term wealth generation. Though currencies are increasingly becoming fiat money, gold offers a hedge against currency fluctuations and it is wise to save some of our savings in its form. Purchasing gold bullion from a reputed mint is the ideal way to invest in physical gold because it comes with assay packaging that is tamper-proof and states the purity and weight of the gold. Bullion in this form can be traded anywhere in the world for the latest spot price.  The 10-gram gold bar price from a well-known mint such as Perth Mint or Pamp Suisse will fetch uniform value anywhere in the world at the current spot price.

Purity and Hallmarking

A gold hallmark signifies that the gold content in the bullion has been evaluated and adheres to international purity standards. In the USA, the fineness in parts per thousand indicates the purity instead of caratage for purchasing jewelry. Bullion traders procure their merchandise from world-renowned mints that sell coins and bars with standard 22-carat purity. Each mint marks the gold coin or bar with its brand name, purity, and unique reference number. It also displays the fineness of the gold which refers to the quantity of pure gold in 1000 particles allow. A bar usually has 0.995 parts of gold and 5 parts of another metal. The highest purity of gold can go up to 0.999.

Value beyond the Gold

Gold bullion investors also buy gold coins in NYC that have numismatic value based on the year of mint, the design on its face, or some other rare distinguishing factors. Numismatic gold coins are a great way to diversify one’s investment portfolio, which many gold investors, gold coin dealers, and professional numismatists opt for. It is generally agreed that numismatic gold coins earn a premium of at least 15% over their actual physical gold value. Overall, numismatic gold coins derive their value from the coin’s rarity, grade level, scarcity, and overall popularity. The American Gold Eagle, $1 Gold Liberty, and British Gold Sovereigns are some examples of the popular gold coins with numismatic value.

Why Bullion and not Jewelry

While gold jewelry makes for apt heirlooms to be passed from generation to generation, they are not the best option from a strictly investment point of view. This is mainly because the price of a piece of jewelry usually far exceeds its meltdown value due to the addition making charges and retail markup. also, the purity standards for gold jewelry vary regionally and cannot always be traded at the current spot value. Gold coins NYC have much lower making charges and come in standard purity grade that is vouched for by the mint where they come from and trusted universally.      

Investing in Physical Gold

Physical gold can be purchased from private dealers, jewelry stores, coin shops, online dealers, private mints, and government mints. In any case, it is ideally preferred to purchase gold from a reputable source in order to ensure the authenticity of the product. While it is true that gold has never been worth zero, it has some risks associated with it. It is advisable to view it as a long-term investment as the rising demand and limited supply contribute to its price growth over the long term. Gold will always be an investment asset for portfolio diversification and for balancing risk while investing in equities and other currency-based investments.




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