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What is a Wash Down System?

By Cristiana , in General , at January 5, 2022

Wash down systems are essential to any food manufacturing or consumable products plant. Places like food processing, wineries, or pharmaceutical companies use a wash down design. The system typically cleans the tools and machinery that produces the product by using water pumps.

These pumps carry massive amounts of water at high pressure to actively clean the plant. This cleaning technique ensures c safe and consumable products. A wash down system’s use depends entirely on the company’s objective. A power wash may need to be enacted after every use of the machinery.

What is the Purpose?

Basically, a wash down system is meant to clean and sanitate an area. A company should consider a wash down system as one of the most vital components of a warehouse. Companies should test the area and safety of the wash down system and its effectiveness.

Equipment should be well maintained and equipped to handle machines’ immense cleaning and washing. The systems should handle bacteria, chemicals, and food particles left behind. Be sure to actively research a wash down system that works for your product and machines.

How Does it Work?

There are various types of wash down systems, and each one should be actively evaluated. Most systems use hoses and guns to spray water onto the machinery. The power and pressure of the systems depend on the tools that need cleaning. Be sure to research the best wash down system for your company.

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