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5 Reasons Why Poor People Hate The Rich People

By Cristiana , in Lifestyle , at June 15, 2020

The tension between the rich and the poor has been quite high recently. We often hear the phrase eat the rich like it’s something cool to say, so why not take a moment to see where the anger comes from most people have no problem. With the idea of building wealth by working hard and getting to enjoy the merits of their hard work. But there is a very tiny very vocal segment of the population.


Who believe their life isn’t as good as it should be because other small portions are doing really well based on this premise they grab their torches. Pitchforks and digitally yell out on social media at the rich through the devices, apps and platforms that made these people rich in the first place.

5 Reasons Why Poor People Hate The Rich People

1.Because They’re Not Rich Themselves


This is one of those fundamental characteristics that have pushed people to do things. They otherwise wouldn’t see the world split into you versus them. With the changing quickly depending on the situation but think about it, what do the poor know about the rich only surface-level information? If you want to be rich in life first things first don’t hate the rich study them the more you learn and understand. 


The more wealth is created the more you’re inspired by the process the more you want to push yourself to try harder. But this is the gap in understanding that they’re lacking. If you’ve ever paid attention to poor people. You’d notice that poor people wish they were rich instead of working on not being poor anymore. 

2.Because They Have Nice Things 

It’s easy to envy someone. Who has that thing you wished you had yourself envy is as old as the time before social media wealth was a lot more private? But now it’s on full display the marketing works getting you to associate nice things with happiness fulfillment. More thus making poor people believe they are simply less mix this. With envy and you end up with a cocktail of hatred whoever envies others will never have peace of mind.


That’s how the poor condemn themselves to unbreakable cycle envy that makes you count.

The blessings of others instead of focusing on your own in an effort to feel fulfilled to feel happy. Poor people use essential resources to buy these things that they’ve been told would make them feel less unfortunate. only to find out that’s not true and in the process making the people, they envy in the first place even richer.

3. They Believe That Every Rich Person Is Corrupt

There are corrupt rich people who don’t get us wrong. But at the same rate as corrupt average people and definitely less corrupt than. The poor this has been fueled by an oppressed reality some people manage to escape. Through the first-hand experience for some of our cultural fascination with gangsters. Controversial figures have you noticed how many poor people look up to the likes of Pablo Escobar or Tony Montana.


With the same fascination, we look up to Elon musk or steve jobs that’s because. They can relate to their story more it’s easy to think times are still the same and ignore. what’s actually happening the more the world develops. The more transparent the entire ecosystem becomes the more true innovation gets rewarded. The richest men in the world right now are geeks in developed countries. It’s actually a lot easier to build wealth legitimately than go through. The hustle of doing it illegally and the rest of the world will soon catch up.

4.Because the rich don’t give them money

This is a big belief among the poor that is the only reason. They have to struggle is that the rich are not giving enough of their own fortunes to them, specifically a couple of weeks. if all the rich were to give their money away in a couple of decades. The poor would still be poor and the rich would get back to being rich. It goes deeper than this poor people believe in what is called equality of outcome a concept. 


That’s been more prevalent than ever in recent times; they believe that no matter. what you do results should be in the same range. If not equally rich people believe inequality of opportunity. Everybody should have access to the same basic tools. If they choose to do it but the result depends on what you’re able to build with those tools.

5. They Were Told Money Is The Root Of All Evil

A big reason why the poor hate the rich is that they’ve been taught that money is inherently evil that it corrupts the mind. The soul and it isn’t aligned with what god the prophet or other mythical being believes you should follow. It’s been stated in the best-selling book of all time and it’s a staple in almost all religions. It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. Poor people take pride in their poverty justifying their lack of results. By saying they’re playing a different game there’s no problem. If you do this but why look down on those who are playing and winning the current game growing up. Without your parents justified the lack of as the game is rigged the evil men corrupted by money. 


Who is keeping it all for themselves and you believed them because you trusted them? It’s hard to finally mature in your understanding of reality and be able to pinpoint. The wrong beliefs those who are meant to guide you had poor parents cannot teach their children to be rich. so, they justify it the same way kids used to do if I can’t have it I don’t really want it. It takes years of hard work. And the reflection on one’s beliefs to be able to change the fundamental beliefs that others have instilled within you beliefs which are actually keeping you from escaping this trap it’s not often you get an opportunity to reflect. 


Building your understanding of self for us the key was exposing ourselves constantly to quality information books, events interviews. Even though the use of meditation putting order into the chaos of our lives. This is why it took us over a year to build the mind mastery course, learn meditation, and leverage this skill to focus your mind.