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Ways to promote your Live Stream Shows

By Cristiana , in Entertainment , at January 28, 2021 Tags:

The success of live commerce is calculated by the number of viewers that get engaged during a stream. To draw the attention of audiences, a live-stream show should be promoted well in advance.

When you think of increasing the viewership of a  live stream show, there are several different strategies that you can keep in mind. Even if you have good content as well as tools, you still need to promote your stream so that more audience can be targeted which will lead to more product sales.

While there can be an increase in viewers which can happen organically but self-promotion increases your total number of viewers gradually. There can be many ways to promote your live videos before the main show, while you’re streaming live and after your broadcast ends.

In this article, we will talk about strategies to promote your live commerce platform. After you read this, you’ll be able to increase your viewership and capture audience attention.

Early Promotion

Plan to promote your event as early as possible. Start notifying audiences as soon you decide the scheduled date and time of your live show. Plan the total time of your stream and reach out to the audience so that they can also plan according to the time and date of the live show.

Interaction and Engagement

Interaction is one of the most important aspects for increasing the views on a live event. You provide memorable and unique experiences to your audience by interacting and engaging with them over your stream. Interaction makes the stream feel more likely to be a two-way conversation, making your live-stream more lifelike. A lot of live event hosts make the mistake of just delivering the content, what they miss out on is the opportunity to connect and engage with their audience.

By engaging with viewers on a personal level, you’re building trust in each of your viewers. By building this kind of relationship with viewers, they are more likely to be present in all your future live shows.

Not to forget to make a free-flowing conversation with new viewers too. These engaging streams are more likely to go viral by sharing videos by your viewers.


Consistency is the primary key to grow your followers.If you aim at increasing your brand awareness, then going live frequently like every other week will help you to be in touch with your audience and know them better. One of the important aspects of consistency is that you begin your stream well on time always.

Be ready at least 15 minutes prior to your schedule stream timing. This ensures that there is no blank screen if any viewer arrives early on your stream. Streaming regularly will help you to keep your views fresh. If you stream after a long gap, viewers easily forget you with time.

Create and post Teaser

Post teasers regularly as it helps to excite viewers and also keeps them engaged with your content. With the help of a teaser you can create a buzz of a new product that is supposed to be launched or of the live-stream that is supposed to be taking place. Thus, viewers get attracted to be a part of your live show.

Share Links

After your stream ends, you can post video clips on demand of viewers or share them with the link of products and so on. You can post the link on different social media platforms. This helps you to gain viewers after your live stream comes to an end and also for future streams.

Take some of the best moments or important clips out of that live-streaming shopping broadcast so that it attracts other viewers who were not present during the show.

Right set of Equipment: There’s nothing worse than a poor quality video being streamed. If viewers have to go through buffering issues, poor-quality of audio/video then they will not stick to your streams for long. So there should be proper investment in terms of tools and equipment required for the stream.


Promoting your live streams are so beneficial for multiple reasons which include boosting your revenue, more product sales, and improving brand awareness. The various ways mentioned above will help you to promote your live streams and maximum your audiences. All you need to do is to practice them while streaming and record your results each time.

As discussed, proper investment should be made for the platform you choose for your stream. With our live streaming shopping platform you will be able to see a positive impact on the following:

  • Cost per acquisition (CPA)
  • DAU & MAU – Reach & Engagement
  • Average Session Time
  • Organic acquisition traffic
  • Repeat customer rate

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