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Types of ceiling lights

By Adam Clark , in General , at January 28, 2021 Tags: ,

Lights are one of the essential elements in interior design. They not only serve the purpose of brightening a room but also act as a decorative piece. This article will let you know the different types of ceiling lights along with their purpose and importance.

Understanding the different lighting options for your home


Chandeliers are accent types of lighting that are generally placed in the center of the room. While installing chandeliers, you need to ensure that there is enough headroom. You also need to pay attention to details like the frame’s style and size, the number and type of bulbs it needs, and so on.

  • The primary purpose of choosing a chandelier is to use it as a decorative piece for a particular area or room.

Flush Mount Lights

If you want to light up an area without creating a focal point, then flush mount ceiling lights are a good option. These are perfect additions to any space. Although they are ideal for low ceiling areas, you can still use them irrespective of any room’s height. You can also use them in bathrooms, entryways, or even the hallways.

  • The purpose of Flush Mount Lights is to brighten up rooms that are below 8 feet in height.

Semi-Flush Mount Fixtures

The Semi-flush mount fixture is a combination between a flush-mount fixture and a chandelier. The average height of these lights is between 4-9 inches from the ceiling. Since they stand out, they make a statement on their own. You can use any bulb and are economically priced. You can also use them in the dining area or kitchen.

  • The purpose of Semi-Flush mount fixtures in areas that have a ceiling height that ranges from 9-10 feet.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are task or accent Types of ceiling lights that are similar to chandeliers. They also come with a dimmer option so that you can alter the brightness to suit your needs. From oversized to minimal designs, they come in different materials, shapes, and colors.

  • The purpose of these lights is to brighten a room that is 10 feet and higher.

Inverted Pendant Lights

Inverted Pendant Lights AKA up-lights make a perfect addition in the living room, passage, entryways, or even a kitchen island. Since the light faces the ceiling, these sorts of fixtures are suitable if you do not like the heat from the light bulb falling on you.  You can also use these lights for long late-night conversations or while you have guests coming over to your house.

Track Lights

Track Lights is one of the preferred choices to enhance a decorative ambiance. You can use them in the hallways, living rooms, or even your shelves. These accent lights generally come in bulbs that range from 3W-9W. People also use them as rail lights, spotlights, or even directional lights.

  • The purpose of these lights is to place them on ceilings that range from 9 to 11 feet in height.

Recessed Lights

Recessed Lights are generally used to lighten up a room with a false ceiling. These sorts of lights also help to soften the overall look of the room by using light. The choices available in the market include backlit panels, LEDs, and cove lights. These ambient lights also come in the LED string light forms.

  • The purpose of such lights is to make a room glow with the right mix of different lights.

Cove Lights

Cove Lights offer diffused and soft illumination and are generally placed into space between the false ceiling and ceiling. You can use them in various parts of the house like the hall, entryway, hallway, etc. These lights can either tone down or brighten the house’s overall look depending on the power or voltage of the bulb. Cove lights are an economical option if you are looking for accent or ambient lighting options.

  • The purpose of these lights is to highlight or make fancy false ceilings as a focal point.

A final note on Types of ceiling lights

Ceiling lights come in different styles, shapes, and sizes. You must understand the purpose behind each type of ceiling light so that you can use it accordingly. Choosing the right lighting can boost and complement your interiors in many ways.

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