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Types of Accommodations Available In Kenya for Travelers

By Cristiana , in Travel , at June 23, 2022

Are you planning a trip to Kenya? It is a great destination, offering a range of attraction sites, rich culture, cuisines, and fantastic weather all year round. As you prepare for your travels, among the essential checkbox is the accommodation. You need a safe and convenient place since accommodation is not just about resting your head after a busy and fulfilling day. Kenya offers an extensive range of accommodations, from simplistic and affordable options to luxurious assortments that cost thousands a night. Here is a glance at the common types of accommodations available in Kenya for travelers

Boarding and lodgings (B&L)

B&Ls are available across towns on the face of the globe. You’ll find all sorts of guesthouses in Kenya, ranging from mud shacks to luxurious multistory buildings. On the lower end, you can find accommodation as cheap as KSHS 500 a night, but the price indicates what to expect. In such settings, you may not enjoy a self-contained room, meaning you have to share the bathroom with other travelers and probably only access hot water at an extra fee. On the higher end, you can find luxurious accommodation fully packed with a bar, restaurant, en-suite rooms, and secure parking. The options are clean, comfortable, and safer.

Cottages and homestays

Are you planning to spend more time in Kenya or tour the region like a local? Homestays and cottages are the best options in such situations. Check out Hauzisha for available units; you will find unique villas, apartments, or cottages matching your preferences. The accommodation is ideal, especially if you are traveling with your family. Unlike B&L, you get to stay together in a setting that feels more like home. Self-catering apartments, for example, mean you get to keep things going as you do back home, from cooking and cleaning, to mention a few areas.

Hotels and lodges

For ages, hotels and lodges have been synonymous with travelers. This is because they provide a more convenient solution, especially when exploring new regions. This is more so since you can find a range of services, including meals, and most hotels and lodges are easy to get to and from as you explore Kenya. Selecting the best option is not that straightforward, though. There are many options, ranging from modern facilities to older safari lodges. They all offer varying levels of services.

The extensive pool is to your advantage, though, since it provides the flexibility to pick a hotel or lodge within your budget and offers services in line with your needs. You can find double/twin rooms featuring bathroom en-suite, also referred to as self-contained. Most include bed and breakfast, satellite TV, air conditioning, or ceiling fans, among other features. Some offer flexible terms, allowing you to cut out some features for a lower price.


Your trip to Kenya is hardly complete without a safari tour, a great reason to explore the campsites’ accommodations. Campsites are an excellent accommodation option if your itinerary is flexible and you intend to tour as much as possible. The most popular camping options are the permanent and bushcamp.

The permanent camps are much as the name suggests; tented camps, designed with your travels in mind, such as including long decks for your wildlife viewing endeavors. The camps also feature communal areas such as a swimming pool, lounge, restaurant, bar, and library. To make your wildlife experience more intimate, you can opt for bushcamps. They are more private and usually set deep in the wilderness for an adventurous wildlife experience. The tricky part is that some are inaccessible in certain seasons, such as when it is rainy.

Whether traveling solo, with family or friends, on a business trip, or vacation for a few days/weeks/months, Kenya’s easily accessible accommodation options got you covered. The only trick is jotting down your budget and needs and shopping around to pick an option that marks all boxes on the checklist.


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