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Top Six Racers to Win at Road America in 2022

By Cristiana , in General , at June 27, 2022

Road America isn’t a very popular racecourse in NASCAR, as we had barely had events at Elkhart Lake since the first Cup Series in 1956. However, in 2021, we witnessed an impressive showdown when NASCAR decided to use the track for the XFINITY Series schedule for the first time in over 60 years. 

We expect to see more Race At Road America, thanks to the success of last year’s race, where we saw some drivers grace the tracks for the first time in their careers. With that, we look at some of the best racers that we expect to enjoy more consistent successes as long as they race at Road America. Here are six top active racers with the best chance to win at Elkhart Lake. 

Chase Elliott

Undoubtedly one of the top NASCAR drivers this year. He is leading the pack on the rankings, even though he has won only one race this year. Elliot is having a good year, and in 2021, he was the winner when the race went to Elkhart Lake. So, as it stands, he is the best racer on the track as we prepare for another race at Road America.

With his current track record, Elliot is in contention to retain his title at Road America, and only a few racers can rival him. Therefore, he tops our list of top drivers to feature at Road America as we gear up for the 2022 event at the track in Wisconsin. 

Kyle Larson 

Before the race last year, Kyle Larson was the favorite to win at Road America, but he couldn’t produce his best work when the race started. However, he still went on to win the championship last year despite finishing 16 at Elkhart Lake. 

This year, Larson is seventh, and he has a chance to redeem himself when the event goes to Road America. Therefore, there is a chance to see him win his first race of the year if he’s going to have a chance to defend his 2021 title. 

Tyler Reddick

Another driver that had the hype before the 2021 race was Tyler Reddick, and even though he did his best, leading the pack in 5 laps, he fell short at the end. He was eight on the log and couldn’t meet up with the other drivers.

Reddick will certainly be looking to improve his finish at Road America this year, and he is sure a top contender for the win. We would love to see how he measures up as we go to Wisconsin in July and if he can get his first win of the year at Road America. 

Kyle Busch

Kyle Busch is third on the log this year behind Ross Chastain and Chase Elliot. He had improved on his last season’s form when he finished ninth at the end of the year. With that, we’re seeing a more improved driver as we progress in the season. 

Therefore, we look forward to the race at Road America, and the last time out, Busch led in four laps and managed to finish third on the log. Undoubtedly, he has a good chance to increase his win tallies at Road America. 

Martin Truex Jr.

Last year, Martin Truex Jr. was on fire with his incredible racing abilities and how he was able to maneuver different obstacles. We saw an incredible driver who was only short five points for the championship title as he lost to Kyle Larson. 

We might not have seen the same Truex this year since the start of the season, but we expect to get more of him as the year goes on. Therefore, we think Road America would be a perfect fit as he showed that he could go all the way when we visit Elkhart Lake. 

Alex Bowman

Alex Bowman has not been impressive this year, even though he was a top pick for the race at Road America last year. Although he started at the 10th grid, Bowman finished 22nd, making it an unimpressive night considering he was one of the favorites.

He is still a favorite of his fine driving form, and he already won one race this year at Las Vegas. Therefore, we expect to see me come out firing and have a better race than last year at Elkhart Lake. We believe he will be one of the top finishers at the end of the day. 



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