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4 Ways to Keep Your Workforce Fulfilled Without Offering Raises

By Cristiana , in General , at June 2, 2023

Surprisingly, there are many ways to keep employees feeling fulfilled in their roles without offering big pay rises regularly. Firstly, the key to fulfilling employees is treating them with respect and appreciation. In fact, research has shown that 66% of employees said they’d leave their job if they didn’t feel appreciated. This shows that retaining good employees is not all about offering pay rises, it’s simply about showcasing your care for their efforts and that you value their time and work. Let’s explore some other methods of keeping your workforce happy and satisfied in their roles. 

Allow flexible schedules

Flexible work schedules allow for a better work-life balance helping employees to feel more fulfilled in their roles. Having the freedom to be flexible with their working hours can lead to happiness and productivity within your workforce.  If they need to fit in a doctor’s appointment or trip to the supermarket they will have the ability to, and therefore their life and work balance opens up, preventing them from feeling as stressed and burnt out from having to work around a strict rigid work schedule each week. 

Set up reward schemes

Thanking your employees for their hard work and successes can lead to them feeling valued and content within their job role, which as a result will prevent them from leaving the company sooner than expected. By setting up corporate reward schemes you can keep your workforce feeling fulfilled and satisfied. These rewards can come in extrinsic and intrinsic forms.  Examples of extrinsic rewards could be a company car, a discount scheme or another type of physical reward. Whereas, intrinsic rewards are non-physical and create an emotional response from the employee. 

Offer career progression opportunities

Employees tend to have a craving for growth, and in order to be motivated and productive they need to know they have the opportunity to progress their career within the company or they will feel unfulfilled in the role. Your workforce will look for opportunities elsewhere if you are not offedring career growth opportunities which is why it is essential that you offer career mobility. 

Similarly, you should be offering job title transitions to help your employees feel fulfilled. After some time in the company, consider allowing employees to progress their job title to something more desirable. This doesn’t mean you have to offer them a higher salary, you could showcase it as a reward for their hard work, without giving them any added responsibilities with their new title. 

Work from-home days

Many companies are finding that their workers are happier and more productive when given the opportunity to work from home for part of the week.  This is a great way to reward your employees without offering them a pay rise. Employees will feel respected ande valued if you trust them with the freedom of working from home

Whether you implement a fully remote working pattern or transition into a hybrid working pattern, you should listen to what your workforce wants because offering them what they want will show that you value them and as a result, they will feel more valued and be less likely to leave the company so soon, even if no pay rises are offered.


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