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Top 5 hobbies among students

By Cristiana , in General , at March 24, 2022

Everyone needs hobbies. They are important for when your schoolwork gets overwhelming, or you need to unwind. Hobbies are those activities we do in our spare time for leisure. While hobby definition says they can be fun, incorporating them into college students’ co-curricular activities would reduce stress, provide opportunities for bonding, and boost their intelligence. Some hobbies can even go as far as looking good on your CV when applying for a job because it’ll set you up as someone versatile and multi-skilled. Some top hobbies you can indulge in include;

Video games

Video games have been in existence for the longest time. They are played on consoles and can range from adventure to sports and even education. While many people argue that video games are distractions, it has been found that they add to the cognitive development of a person. Some of the benefits can be seen in essays about video games. They inform you in these essay examples that most games require problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and fun storytelling that can aid imagination.

Video games also can bring individuals from all over the world together and are the foundation of cross-border friendships. Even though seas geographically separate them, they may communicate intimately in the game and can build important skills like teamwork.


Many dorm students like watching anime because of the continual exposure to Japanese culture. Because of its distinctive characters and engaging plot, anime, which is a kind of Japanese cinema and television animation, appears to many high school students as a fantasy or an alternative way of entertainment.

Many students claim that watching anime has helped them learn more effectively—most students like viewing anime in their spare time. Though animes are intriguing and entertaining and provide students with an understanding of Japanese culture, others claim that viewing anime is a waste of time that can negatively impact personal and academic advancement. Like any other kind of media, anime can be addicting, luring pupils into a fantastical world filled with fantastical characters.



This is a great hobby for people with a creative flair and an eye for detail. Patience, the ability to focus for extended periods, and tremendous attention to detail are all traits associated with this hobby.

If you want to work in fashion or media, photography is a useful hobby. Meetup is a great way to meet other photographers, chat about the newest gear, share your photos and stories, discuss ideas and methods, and have fun with others who appreciate photography. Beginner photography courses are available on Udemy at a reasonable price, and many free photography video tutorials are available on YouTube.

It’s a superpower to know how to utilize a camera. This talent may be used to chronicle your life and take gorgeous images everywhere you go. The more you practice these skills, the better you will become.

Learning a new language

Taking up a new language is a great way to learn and have fun. It is a great way to broaden your horizons socially. It gives your identity a fresh lease of life and new anecdotes and subjects to discuss at social events. Making new acquaintances while learning a new language is also an option. It’s a terrific method to meet new individuals if you share common interests.

There are cultural centers in many areas where you may go to film screenings, book discussions, and other social gatherings. You may also attend a language meeting in your region to practice your target language over a cup of coffee or a beer.


Starting a blog as a hobby work where you can share your ideas, opinions, and personal experiences with others is a great idea. You get the chance to share your thoughts with individuals worldwide and learn more about issues you are interested in. Blogging may assist you in learning as well as improving your writing abilities. Even if you start a blog as a pastime, it might eventually turn into a source of income.

It’s a good idea to write down your everyday ideas. It stimulates your imagination and makes you more comfortable sharing your feelings with others. As a result, a blog can serve as your diary.

You may communicate with other leisure bloggers or readers from across the world.


All the hobby ideas above are fun and can come in handy as a skill for when you are done with university. Engaging in extracurricular activities is helpful and will keep you from getting bored and idle during holidays and free time.


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