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The Top 5 Most Popular Affordable Travel Destinations

By Cristiana , in General , at May 18, 2023

Do you want to go on a trip but are working around a tight budget? If you’re looking for affordable travel destinations, you’ve come to the right place.

Most people think a trip requires a lot of money for you to enjoy it. But the world is full of vacation spots you can visit anytime without a cost! It only takes some creativity and research to find the right places.

So, we listed the five most popular destinations for budget travel. Let’s start!

1. Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the cheapest Asian countries you can visit. The country is best known for its gorgeous countryside and beaches. But a common reason travelers frequent the country is for their food.

You can find pho stalls almost anywhere and dine a meal for a few dollars or less. Many tourists tend to associate the country with good food that comes at a really low cost!

Even hotel rooms at the destination are cheap for each day. In most cases, you can find accommodations that go for about $10 or so. So, if you really want to save on vacation expenses, consider visiting Vietnam.

2. Thailand

If you’re interested in learning about culture along the way, consider visiting Thailand. It’s already a popular destination for several reasons, from food to attractions. But it still offers low prices for a vacation.

A travel budget of at least $30 to $50 is enough to get you through a day in Thailand. Many recommend visiting Chiang Mai if you want to get the cheapest costs.

In the region, you can find lots of attractive fields, detailed temples, and breathtaking views. It also doesn’t take too long to find vacation accommodations nearby, whether you get a dorm room or a quality hotel.

3. Georgia

If you want to head somewhere a bit unique, Georgia may be the ideal destination for you. It sits right on the edge of Europe and Asia and rivals with several Asian countries with its cheap prices.

The destination features everything you’d expect on a vacation, from good food and drinks to gorgeous landscapes and architecture. It feels a lot like a typical trip to Europe but with more travel savings.

4. Cambodia

Many people admire Cambodia for their low travel costs and hospitality. Although the country isn’t as grand as other options, there’s lots to see if you look at the right spots. Think of it as a bite-sized country with lots of hidden attractions.

If you like to go off the beaten path or hiking, you will enjoy lots of unspoiled nature sites, like jungles and islands. That’s more than enough for a trip where you spend around $50 in total!

5. Laos

Some people think of Laos as similar to Thailand, but it’s much calmer in terms of tourism. The great thing about it is that you get to enjoy different nature sights without worrying about too many people.

Laos is an excellent place for travelers who enjoy outdoor adventures, from trekking to kayaking, and beaches. The best part is that they all come at an affordable cost.

Travel plans, like HGVC, also get you more savings. You can discover more about HGVC here.

Save on Vacation Costs With Affordable Travel Destinations

Any destination can fit your budget if you plan it out right and find the right spots to visit. Besides choosing affordable travel destinations, you can also save more by checking plans to save on accommodation costs and others!

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