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The A to Z of Submersible Pipes

By Cristiana , in Home Improvement , at June 17, 2022

The motor and pump sector is fascinating, mainly because of the technological inventions that pop up each time. One such development is the submersible pump.

A submersible pump, unlike others, sinks entirely into the liquid or fluid. So, it settles at the bottom and helps lift the liquid to its desired destination. Such a design helps avoid problems that high lift situations bring.

Where the Innovation Came From

Around 100 years ago, Armais Arutunoff built the first submersible pump. The systems engineer was motivated by the need to improve existing oil delivery systems. However, it was not until 1928 that his friend, Frank Phillips, put effort into using the invention in an oil field.

The oil industry adopted submersible pumps massively, and in ten years, the Arutonoff Pump lifted 2% of the oil produced in the United States.

Poul Due Jensen and His Solution

It was not until the 60s that Poul designed a submersible pump for deep water wells. The design was as successful as Armais’, and most water wells use it today.

The Submersible Pump Design

You can still call it an electric submersible pump or a sub-pump. That said, here are its details:

  1. It has a sealed motor and is meant to be submerged fully.
  2. Because of its design, the pump avoids cavitation problems, which is unlike common pumps and pumping solutions.
  3. Sub pumps usually push the liquid up to the surface, making them highly effective. This is compared to jet pumps, which typically pull fluid to the ground.

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