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Side Effects, Causes and Treatment for Snoring Problem

By Adam Clark , in Health , at February 8, 2021 Tags: ,

This post will guide you through the side effects of snoring that are not to miss to treat it immediately. Read to know about the causes and effects of snoring and the ways to treat it successfully. 

Snoring is considered as an annoying and sometimes embarrassing sleep disorder. Sometimes snoring shows a more serious health issues, and the varied side effects of snoring can lead to many health problems in the body. This post will guide you through the effects of snoring, and its causes so that when it’s visible, it is a wake-up call to consult a doctor for the immediate treatment. 

  • Effect of Snoring 

Since snoring is a symptom of sleep apnea, a person experiencing this may stop breathing in gaps, this may even lead to choking or gasping sounds while sleeping. While not all snorers have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), if they experience the below-mentioned side effects, they must consult the doctor for their snoring problem. Here are some effects of snoring that one must not neglect:

  • Breathing pauses during the sleep
  • Morning headaches
  • Feeling of excessive daytime sleepiness 
  • Restless sleep
  • Sore throat while waking up
  • Chest pain at night
  • Gasping and choking at night
  • Difficulty in concentration and focus
  • Behavioural issues, poor attention span, and performance issues among children in school 

The pause in breathing pattern during sleep often disturbs your partner’s sleep and it is yet another signal to consult a doctor.  

          Causes of Snoring:

While physiological reason might be the vital cause for snoring, which is when the tongue or throat issue comes in between the airway creating an obstruction that leads to vibration and loud noise. Similarly, there are several other reasons that one should also understand. Hence, to control the effects of snoring, it is vital to know its causes for a better approach towards snoring reduction. 

  • Smoking or drinking alcohol before bedtime
  • Sleeping on the back
  • Consuming sedatives and other muscle relaxants
  • Allergy leading to congestion 
  • A dry climate with pollution and dust
  • Aging is another cause of snoring as one gets older, the moisture of the tissue reduces
  • Family history or hereditary
  • Overweight or obesity

           Effective Treatment:

Since one wouldn’t know when the severity of the snoring increases and deteriorate one’s health, it is imperative to get the timely treatment done for undisturbed sleep for the snorer and its partner. Here are three ways for getting rid of it successfully:

         Lifestyle Changes: 

Simple lifestyle changes like exercising, sleeping on the side, avoiding the consumption of alcohol or cigarette, being enough hydrated etc. 

         Usage of Appliances or Treatment:

Use of anti-snoring spray, custom-fitted mouthpieces, CPAP machine and many other appliances helps in reducing the severity in snoring sound to a minimum level. 


When nothing from the above works out, surgery is the solution. They do it to remove tonsils and adenoids, stiffening of tissues, or removal of tissues. 

Even while being aware of the severity of health issues caused due to snoring, not considering snoring a causal thing, one must know about the above effects of snoring to control its causes and treat it successfully under doctor’s supervision for goodnight’s sleep.


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